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Kalypso Media has released a batch of new screenshots for Tropico 4: Gold, which is set for release on November 13th at retail for the Xbox 360. The game combines the original Tropico 4 and the expansion Tropico 4: Modern Times into one budget priced package for gamers looking to grab a decent deal during the holiday shopping season.

Tropico 4 is a diplomatic city building game where you aim to bring your tropical island into either an industrialized nation, a military state or a tourist trap attraction. The idea behind Tropico 4 is give players all the dictatorial control that you rarely get from other city building games. You'll have to deal with foreign powers, rebels, civil unrest and citizen uprisings, depending on how you decide to play the game.

The Modern Times expansion bridges the game's themes and timeframe into the ColdWar era, allowing players to deal with their own missile crisis, as well as aiming to tackle feats such as space exploration.

You can check out the screenshots of Tropico 4: Gold below or look to pick up the game three weeks from now. For more info feel free to visit the Official Website.

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