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Mech combat? Check. Aerial combat? Check. Third-person ground-based combat? Check. Real-time strategy combat? Check. Melee combat? Check. Explosions? Check. Destructible environments? Check. Is this game for real? Check.

Cyril Megem and his team at StarworksArt Studio are working hard on the upcoming Universum: Warfront. The game is an FPS, RTS, MOBA RPG. It's an insanely ambitious game that originally appeared on Kickstarter with a $20,000 goal. Easily, the game has surpassed that goal and is currently funded by 159% with more than $31,000 pledged and counting.

So what makes this game any different from all the other RTS, FPS, TPS, MOBA titles out there? Well, first of all it's all those genres combined; that in itself is a rarity. There are only a few games out there that combine the mixed element of throwing tons of units on screen at once while allowing for ground-based combat. Off the top of my head there's Natural Selection 2, Nuclear Dawn and – I'm not sure if it's even still alive – Battleswarm: Field of Honor.

In between some of these titles we have games like Heroes & Generals that aim to mix and match those elements of RTS and FPS combat, but it still feels more deathmatchy as opposed to players just taking control of a unit and diving head-first into some unadulterated massive scale combat.

Battlestations Pacific and Renegade X also attempted this style of mixed-hybrid gaming, but both kind of failed to capture that feeling of visceral engagement that comes with a real-time strategy game, similar to what's found in Total War or Warhammer games. Carrier Command kind of suffered from the same problem – allowing players to partake in RTS style combat and switch to the units and take direct control when the action got hot and heavy – where the RTS style mechanics were more like RTS lite in order to accommodate the TPS/FPS component.

Universum: Warfront bypasses the limitations of other hybrid FPS/RTS games by first maintaining a strong real-time strategy component, with plenty of units and unit types crowding up the battlefield. The game also encourages for hybrid play mechanics, as there are some enemies that might require a specific touch of skill and strategy as opposed to running in head-first – such as using the environment against a group of foes while setting up a strategic flanking position a tactic that might require the finesse of direct player control.

The gameplay possibilities of Universum: Warfront are quite high, and with a successful Kickstarter already under their belt the only step for the team now is to win over the hearts and minds of Steam gamers over on Steam Greenlight.

If you think the game deserves a run on Steam's store feel free to pay a kind visit to the official Steam Greenlight page and give the game an upvote or two.