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VGA 2011: BioWare Unveils Command And Conquer: Generals 2 Trailer

BioWare's always been known as a role-playing game studio but now it seems that they're branching out into the strategy genre. They're in charge of the newly announced game Command and Conquer: Generals 2, due in 2013.

The Generals storyline is separate from the "Red Alert" and "Tiberium Wars" narratives. In the first game, a mysterious terrorist organization known as the Global Liberation Army rises to challenge China and the United States' global supremacy. All three factions were playable in the campaign and multiplayer.

Generals 2' debut trailer doesn't mention anything about the storyline. It simply shows us tanks, VTOL aircraft, and other vehicles battling it out in a ruined city. The trailer notes that this is all in-game footage.

I guess Generals 2 is sort of a fit for BioWare. The first game had an RPG-like progression system. Players earned experience points and could purchase special abilities, such as temporary boosts to their units' strength. Units also leveled up as they gained field experience. It'll be interesting to see how BioWare expands this aspect of the series.

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