New Video Reveals The Top 10 Hardest Mario Levels

The Super Mario Bros. series has had a long, storied run, with 20 years' worth of games combining to offer a ridiculous number of levels full of platforming goodness. But which of those levels have been the most difficult? That's the focus of a fun new video currently making its round through the internet.

Despite all of the bright colors, fun characters and peppy songs playing through the background, you shouldn't be fooled into thinking the Mario Bros. series is a cakewalk designed for casuals. Each game has a fair share of difficult levels, some that have been so tricky they've inspired many a gamer to just walk away without saving the Princess in order to keep their sanity intact.

That's not to say anyone unfamiliar with the series should expect anything on the level of Super Meat Boy or a 2D version of Dark Souls or anything, just that the Mario team is composed of extremely talented level designers who know how to throw the player a difficult curveball from time to time.

The above video comes from the team at Watch Mojo, who decided to compile the Mario series' 10 hardest levels into a 10-minute video celebrating their difficulty.

According to the video's description, the rules were pretty simple. The only stipulation was that these levels had to be pulled from games where you can play as Mario, though nothing like Mario Kart was allowed, as this is strictly in the realm of platforming. Also, the team said they stuck to official levels only, so nothing from the highly popular Wii U game Super Mario Maker has been included.

They've got some pretty solid picks here, too, kicking things off with the Pachinko Game from the often forgotten Super Mario Sunshine. That moves into the Impossible Pack from New Super Mario Bros. 2, a level that was specifically designed to make seasoned players pull their hair out. The trick here is that you do actually need to complete the levels in one go, so the list makers weren't exactly cheating by including a “pack” of levels as a single entry. It all combines to make one hella tricky obstacle course.

Over to New Super Mario Bros. U and you've got the Don't Touch Anything challenge course. You know you're in for a challenge when you've literally got to get through a level without touching enemies or coins, as it's human nature to grab a shiny coin whenever we see it floating nearby. Your muscle memory alone will be the most difficult battle faced in this level.

But that's just a sampling of what you can expect from the “Top 10 Hardest Mario Levels.” We don't want to ruin the whole thing for you, but you can expect to see entries from The Lost Levels, Super Mario All-Stars, Super Mario Bros. 3 and even the original, Super Mario Bros..

Did your favorite tough Mario level make the list? Have terrible memories of barely surviving something that didn't make the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.