Slated as a launch title for the PlayStation 4, Warframe from Digital Extremes fits into the indie game category, despite being more polished, more fun and having better mechanics and visuals than a lot of AAA titles out there. With Microsoft having recently reversed their policies for indies to self-publish on the Xbox One, Digital Extremes says that Warframe could potentially arrive for the XB1.

The Official Xbox Magazine has been seeking responses and quotes from indie devs about how they feel about the new policy reversal for the Xbox One regarding the ability for independent developers to self-publish on the Xbox One. While the details still need to be ironed out, most devs were welcoming to the idea of being able to put their games on the new console without requiring a publisher or having to sign in under Microsoft's publishing label.

OXM reached out to Digital Extremes, who self-published Warframe on PC and will be self-publishing the game as a launch title on PS4, and vice president of publishing, Meredith Braun stated that...
"We're happy to see Microsoft shift its attitude on independent development for their new system. We'd be silly not to consider Warframe for Xbox One now. The system itself will be awesome and now the landscape of games that it supports has just become limitless. Exciting times."

Previously, it was mentioned that the game could arrive for the Xbox One if Microsoft changed their policies, so it looks like Microsoft changed their policies and the sky is now the limit.

One of the new exciting features for Warframe is that it will have cross-platform compatibility between PlayStation 4 and PC users, enabling players from the different platforms to interact and play with each other. Given the recent policy change from Microsoft, Digital Extremes hasn't had time to work out whether or not Warframe would offer cross-platform compatibility on the Xbox One or if it's just going to be business as usual.

For the most part, the only hurdle for gamers is that the Xbox One's free-to-play titles would still end up behind the premium Xbox Live Gold barrier. If you don't mind paying $60 a year to play free-to-play titles, then it's all good and dandy.

As for Warframe... this game is beast. I have to say that it's highly addictive, all the cool stuff from the PS4's cinematic are completely possible to do in the game and the whole bio-organic, cyber-ninja thing is pretty sweet.

While there are some elements of pay-to-win, you can gather funds, buy blueprints and craft just about everything you need to become a very strong space ninja. Heck, if you know what you're doing you can acquire some of the most powerful cash-shop items in less than a week. I kid you not.

The other good part about Warframe is that the gameplay is so rich and diverse – no two levels play the same and the randomization and frequent updates continually breathes new life into the game.

Easily Warframe is in my top three free-to-play MMOs, with APB: Reloaded being first, RaiderZ being second and Warframe being third. It's exciting times seeing this indie title make its way to the PS4 and eventually the Xbox One.

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