Watch Game Of Thrones Actress, Other Teens Try To Figure Out Nintendo

In this modern age of uber graphics, online gaming, cloud storage and wireless controllers, it can be easy to forget just how far games consoles have come in the past 30-odd years. In the latest iteration of the “Teens react…” series, a group of modern youngsters will dive into gaming’s roots by experiencing the Nintendo Entertainment System for the first time.

While the NES certainly wasn’t the first games console to hit the market, it’s usually the one most folks think of when it comes to the dawn of in-home gaming. Whereas Pong and the Atari got things rolling, the NES brought gaming into the limelight in 1983, kick starting iconic series and characters that are still around to this day.

The “Teens react…” video series is a fun experiment in generation gaps, exposing modern teens to media and devices 30-somethings grew up with, such as “Saved by the Bell.” It’s part of a larger genre of “react” series, which takes all sorts of groups out of their element and lets the world enjoy their mental and emotional struggles with things like the Harlem Shake or K-pop.

This latest video is either going to make our older viewers feel even older, or perhaps infinitely superior to modern teens. It’s hard to deny the draw of watching a 16-year-old try to figure out how to use an NES console, especially since the first time said teen likely took control of Mario was in the original Wii’s Super Mario Galaxy just a handful of years back. And then you get to watch these whipper-snapper try their hand at the original Super Mario Bros. and laugh with glee as they die courtesy of a poorly timed jump onto the very first goomba’s head.

After making fun of the size, shape and color of the NES, the kids get to try to fire up a game for the first time. And while many claim that blowing on a game cartridge didn’t actually fix the problem, what follows is recorded proof to the contrary.

I especially get a kick out of the teens’ response to a question about whether or not a faulty piece of machinery would be well received in today’s market, to which they all seem to agree that we have advanced too far as a civilized society to stand for such failures in technology. The easy target for a counter-argument here would be the RROD-prone Xbox 360 from just one generation ago but, honestly, I have a hard time thinking of any device in my day to day life that doesn’t crash, bug out or damn-near explode on a regular basis.

Just to show that turnaround is fair play, here’s a little bonus content showing off a group of older folks reacting to that newfangled Oculus Rift. For even more of this awesome sauce, be sure to visit the Fine Brothers Productions Youtube page.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.