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The week ends with leaked iPad launch titles. I’m not sure how all this stuff keeps getting leaked unless employees are going out of their way to leak the info but, leaked info equals headlines for the media and you can check out what launch titles are coming to the iPad, along with news regarding the newly announced Nintendo 3DS. And yes, Nintendo has another handheld on the way despite a new version of the DS heading to North America. Also, after a whole lot of media controversy and talk, TimeGate Studios’ first-person, burn-in shooter that originally debuted for the Xbox 360 and PC last year has arrived for the PlayStation 3 this year. These stories and more in this March 27th, 2010 edition of the Blend Games Weekly Recap.


Splinter Cell Conviction Delayed For PC. Yet again…this game gets delayed. It’s almost not surprising again.

Skate 3 Soundtrack Revealed. Find out if your favorite artist makes the cut.

Review Lunar Silver Star Harmony. Rich Knight critiques the recently released Lunar Silver Star harmony.

Toy Soldiers Review. A new review of the XBLA title, courtesy of The Game Reviews.

Heavy Rain DLC Gets Release Date. Find out when the new content arrives.


Dragon Age Origins: Awakening Review. Pete Haas breaks down the good and bad about the new DLC.

Atomic Games Announces Multiplayer Shooter, Breach. It’s a CIA-based FPS that happens to be a multiplayer, multiplatform game.

WiiWare Gets Cave Story DSiWare Gets Mario’s Cement Factory. Good news for WiiWare users and not-so-great news for DSiWare users.

Fallout 3 DLC Now 50% Off For Xbox 360. Grab all the additional content half-off.

Backbreaker: Get In The Game Trailer. New in-game footage of the upcoming football simulator.

Lead and Gold Beta Is Open And Tapper Trailer Released. New trailer of a character class as well as news about the open beta.

Red Steel 2 Trailer: There’s A Time For Guns And A Time For Blades. The trailer is as cool as it sounds.


Diablo III Female Witch Doctor Screenshots And Concept Art. New pics of some of the characters from the indefinitely delayed Diablo III.

WB Games Montreal Will Create DC Comics Games. More comic book hero games on the way. Let’s just hope they’re of the Arkham Asylum kind and not the Iron Man kind.

Modern Warfare 2 Playlist Update Stops Speed Glitch. Ah, all the marvels of fixing so many problems for one of the best selling games of all time.

Is Syndicate Reboot Cancelled? A lot of old-school gamers have been awaiting a reboot for one of the most darkly entertaining games from the 1990’s, but it appears the game could be cancelled. Bummer.

Nintendo 3DS Coming This Year. New handheld from Nintendo and it’s not a portable Wii.

Xbox 360 250GB Hard Drive Now Sold Separately. Awesome, now gamers don’t have to worry about being ripped off…nah, just joking. You’re still getting ripped off.

Section 8 Coming To PS3 This Spring; Debut Trailer Released. The game is arriving on the PS3 very soon…very soon.

MotoGP 09/10 Now Available For Xbox 360 And PS3. Capcom finally releases the highly awaited motorcycle sim for both consoles.

Just Cause 2 Final Anatomy of a Stunt Features Joyride of Death. It involves a parachute, an airplane a bridge and a loop-de-loop.

SwitchGames Offers Publisher Donation Option When Buying Used Games. Still taking the business high ground that GameStop refuses to take.


Left 4 Dead 2 The Passing DLC Adds Game Modes And Weapons. Brand new content on the way for Left 4 Dead gamers and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Quake Takes Over Steam Next Week. Discounts on the entire series will be in place, all over Steam….next week.

How Much Space Do You Need For Natal? That’s the question a lot of people living in small apartments have been asking.

F.3.A.R. Reveal Coming Next Month. The third and possibly final installment of the series could be revealed.

Bourne Video Game Cancelled By EA. With Matt Damon officially off the Bourne 4 band-wagon, it looks like EA has jumped off, too.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Server Status Indicators Go live. It’s quite easy now to tell if the game can be played online or not.

Arabic Rappelz Resurrection Expansion Launches. From the people who actually give a crap about some of the important world issues plaguing our current day society comes an expansion pack for a game that actually gives a crap about people most companies don’t care about.

Blur Three New Screenshots And Multiplayer Rank Cap Increased. Activision is pleased with the results garnered from user feedback and have increased the rank cap.

Splinter Cell Conviction Is Gold. After eons of being in development limbo, Splinter Cell Conviction has finally gone gold.

Clash of the Titans Even Bigger Boss Battle Screenshots. If you thought the last batch was quite big, well…these are even bigger.

Activision Announces Monster Jam 2011. A worthy sequel to Monster Jam 2010.


ESRB Says Skate 3 Is Crude. That means there’s going to be some toilet humor and Hisheem jokes galore.

Sims 3 Patch 1.11 Released. A lovely new patch to fix a few of those annoying glitches.

Red Dead Redemption Gentlemen And Vagabonds Trailers. Because some of us know when not to spit tobacco on another person’s shoes…and some of us don’t.

BlizzCon 2010 Dates Location Announced. Find out if Blizzard is coming to a convention center near you.

Mafia II Release Date Revealed Playable At PAX East. At last, the game has a solid release date…it only took, what, three years?

EA Responds To Command And Conquer 4 Criticism. Yeah, because apparently a low Metacritic score doesn’t speak loud enough.

At Least One More Modern Warfare 2 DLC Pack Planned. What could Infinity Ward possibly do with any additional DLC? Well, click the link to find out.

Sims 3 Ambitions Box Art Released. Sims 3 Ambitions Box Art Released. Want a first look at the box that will contain some new ambitions for your Sims? Jump through the link.

Blue Toad Murder Files Episode 1-3 Now Available For PSN. Co-operative mystery solving is original and now it’s available on the PS3’s PlayStation Network.

Limb Busting New Screenshots For Splatterhouse. The title says it all…literally.

PS3 Gamers Rejoice: Section 8 Arrives With Better Graphics And Gameplay. And at a cheaper price.

The Secret World First Gameplay Trailer Revealed. Actual in-game footage of real-time combat. Nice.

Sonic 4 Episode 1 Screenshots Show Sonic Back In Action. The blue hedgehog returns to his roots in these new screenshots.


Metal Gear Peace Walker Trailer Features Super Power Co-OP Rail Gun. Never seen one before? Get a first look at it here.

The Witcher Enhanced Edition Now Only $10. If you have yet to play The Witcher, now would be the perfect time to find out what all the fuss is about.

Wii Netflix Discs Now Shipping.Wii Netflix Discs Now Shipping. Nintendo finally caught up to the 21st century. Give a standing ovation to Nintendo!

Moonlight Online To Cater To Twilight Vampire Fans. It also features lycans versus vampires, so everyone should be happy.

Warhammer Online Client Is Free. Looks like F2P is taking over the MMO world.

Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package Screenshots Arrive. Not that game will be putting any money back in your pocket, but you can check out the new screenshots of the upcoming DLC pack.

Xbox 360 USB Storage Patch Dated By Microsoft.

All Points Bulletin Create And Conflict Dev Diary. Customize, create and manage the conflict for your character in APB.

Loads of new details unveiled in this update.

Skate 3 Demo Release Date Announced. New info on when the game drops.

Napoleon Total War Gets Free Imperial Guard DLC. Free DLC for the highly awaited RTS. Find out all the details after the jump.


iPad Launch Titles Leaked. Find out if any of your former handheld favorites are among the launch list.

Blood Bowl Review. Bloow Bowl Review. A review of the latest strategic, violent football game.

Assassin’s Creed Space Launched In PlayStation Home. Want some AC swag from their kiosk in PS Home? Click the link to get all the details on the Assassin Creed PS Home accoutrements.

This Generations Best Video Game Music. This is a category that I love perusing. Find out what games made the list, courtesy of The Game Reviews.

My First Day At PAX East. A detailed walkthrough of what PAX East was like for the fellows over at Platform Nation.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Details Revealed. Brand new details on the upcoming re-vamped Ghost Recon via Stick Skills.

That wraps up this edition of the weekly recap here at Blend Games.. We leave readers this week with an action packed look at the upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. You can check out the new trailer below. Enjoy.