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Weekly Recap May 9th: 3D Realms Closes, Ghostbusters, Red Dead Redemption

From May 3rd to May 9th there were some pretty big news bombs that dropped in the world of interactive entertainment: Long time developers of Duke Nukem Forever, 3D Realms, have finally closed the doors. Alternatively, Rockstar has opened up some new press content for Red Dead Redemption. In addition to all of this, Sony dropped a huge nail in the coffin to PAL gamers for acquiring exclusive PlayStation rights for the upcoming Ghostbusters game. Read on to catch up on everything that happened in the past week.


Saboteur Video Tours Black And White Paris. Game Trailers takes us through some real time footage of this upcoming noir stealth game.

Full Fight Night Round 4 Fighter Roster Revealed. Complete with ear-biting action.

Valhalla Knights Seeks To Break Wii Shovelware Trend. And we’re right there with them, hoping it does just that.


Rumor: New Medal Of Honor Under Development. Because we can’t get enough World War II games.

Space Invaders Extreme Cooperative Modes Explored. Co-op at its finest.

50 Cent Helping With Saints Row 3. Ah, it fits together like OJ Simpson and criminal activity.

Rockstar Games Founders Appear On Time’s 100 Most Influential List.


BioShock 3 Could Return To Rapture. And why is that? Click the link to find out.

Final Fantasy XIII Going English Sooner Rather Than Later. I don’t know, I think plenty of fans wouldn’t mind the Japanese dialogue.

Ten Games You’ll Probably Never See On The Virtual Console. But it doesn’t mean these games aren’t good.

Review For Wallace And Gromit In The Last Resort.


2009 Penny Arcade Scholarship Sign Ups Begin. Who needs some gaming scholarships? Raise your hand if you do.

Prototype Three Different Ways To Pre-Order. Like the old saying goes, better to have many than none at all.

Three Games For Wii That Are Actually Worth Playing. The list might surprise you.

Ghostbusters The Game Is Now A PSP, PS2 and PS3 Exclusive. This news comes with conditions; be warned.


Fallout 3 Borken Steel Is Fixed. Good news. Hopefully Point Look won’t release all glitched up like the other add-ons.

Swine Flu Won’t Derail E3. It better not, we have games to see!

Duke Nukem Studios 3D Realms Closes Its Doors. After close to 15 years of development, the inevitable has happened.

Red Dead Redemption Debut Trailer. Yeah folks, the sequel to one of the last generation’s greatest third-person shooters is finally coming.

How To Sign Up For The StarCraft 2 Beta. And here’s how to have a nerd-tastic time.


Dead Frontier Enters Open Beta. It’s like an overhead version of Left 4 Dead, but free.

Duke Nukem Forever Screenshots And Concept Art Released. The headline says it all. Too bad 3D Realms is defunct.

Prototype Cinematic Intro Released. Take a look at the exclusive new intro for the upcoming action game.

[[ br. br ]] Huxley Beta Registration Now Open. I’m going to be a little unprofessional and say “WOOT!”

Best Selling Wii And DS Games of All Time. Bet you can’t guess what they are?

BioShock 2 Multiplayer Is A Prequel. Well that’s good to know.


Transformers Revenge of The Fallen Gameplay Reveal. Some new gameplay footage that's more than meets the eye.

Land of Magic Item Shop Launched. New cash shop items and new ways to take the fight to other players has been announced for this MMORPG.

Well, that wraps up the Weekly Recap for the week ending on May 9th. Now for this week’s game trailer highlight, we give the honors to Velvet Assassin’s Moonlight Sonata montage. It’s an extremely well done trailer and definitely worth taking a peek at. Be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for more news, info, insight and updates regarding all things gaming.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.