The week was carried away by a lot of good and bad news that hit gamers in the gut in a bad way, sort of like a teenage girl attending a Justin Bieber concert and realizing that despite the dream coming true of seeing the idol in person, that deep realization sinks in that he's not quite the cute and cuddly heartthrob that he once was... unless you're really into egg-throwing, jail-visiting, neighbor-spitting Canadian?

The only thing is that the gaming industry was kind of like the reverse of the above scenario, as things started off pretty ugly with the closure of a popular gaming studio, but then picked it up on positive end thanks to some good news coming out of Japan. These stories and more in this February 22nd, 2014 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

PlayStation 4 Launches in Japan
After all the hype, all the waiting, all the juicy ads and all those delicious memes, the PlayStation 4 has finally launched in one of the major, key territories in the console war. Right now Nintendo is owning up in Japan and Microsoft doesn't seem to have any definitive initiatives to get the Xbox One out in that territory any time soon, but Sony is breaking in and breaking in big. With a million units already pre-sold in Japan, and upcoming titles like Ground Branch, Uncharted 4 and Daylight on the way, it's likely that the constrained sales of the PS4 just might continue, even though Sony suffered a brief spell where Mario Kart 8 topped the pre-order charts.

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