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The week ending on September 12th was huge when it came to gaming media and news… more-so media than news, though. We have a fairly big offering of Media Blowouts this week, ranging from Left 4 Dead 2, Shank, the time-traveling FPS Darkest of Days and Forza Motorsport 3. Speaking of Forza new demo info was released now that the game has gone gold and that only spells good news for racing fans. Did I also happen to mention we have an exclusive interview with the Aion design team? Yeah well that’s in here, too. Probably the most shocking news of the week, however, came in the form of RedSpot announcing that they have a new Dreamcast game on the way. You’ll have to see the game to believe it. These stories and more in the Blend Games Weekly Recap.

In addition to the already trailer-packed Media Blowouts we also have a bevy offering of newly released trailers, including the official intro cinematic for Forza Motorsport 3, a Just Cause 2 verticality trailer from IGN, and the newly released launch trailer for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, which is something that’s definitely worth checking out.


No More Heroes 2 Makes Gamers Want To Buy A Wii. The Suda51 walkthrough video had many users claiming that the game was tempting enough to make them want to buy a Wii. Now that’s good marketing.

ODST Firefight Mode Might Return In Halo: Reach. Good news for Halo fans…if Firefight fares well with gamers then it might return in Halo: Reach.

PS3 Exclusive Agent Coming In 2010. Rockstar made the announcement at E3 but absolutely nothing else was revealed. Well, guess what? Click the link to find out.

Resonance Of Fate Shows Us Everything Final Fantasy XIII Should Be. Time and time over again it has to be reiterated that Tri-Ace’s Resonance of Fate is the real next-gen RPG, not Final Fantasy XIII and the new battle trailer proves it.

Computer Planet Now Aims To Cater Custom Powerhouse PCs For Gamers. Need a gaming PC and can’t afford anything from Alienware? Try Computer Planet.


Disney Acquires Wideload Games; New Family-Friendly Game Due Out 2010. Wideload Games CEO helped usher in Halo for the Xbox and now he’s about to revolutionize Disney Interactive with the team working on new IP set for release in 2010.

APB Beta Weeks Away. Realtime Worlds’ open-world, MMORPG action title is coming sooner rather than later. Check out the news article to see what you need to do to get into the beta.

Tyra Banks The Video Game. If Hanna Montana can get one then by golly Tyra Banks should have one.

No More Heroes 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Video. Need to find out what’s new in this game and what’s not? A complete level walkthrough awaits your click.

Uncharted 2 Train Mission Video. Another complete level on display in new video footage for the PS3’s highly awaited Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Shank Gameplay Media Blwoout From PAX 09. The awesome new side-scroller that introduces a new kind of action game that rivals the innovation of Metal Slug.


Left 4 Dead 2 PAX ’09 Gameplay media Blowout. Another blowout coming at you, this time in the form of Left 4 Dead 2. New melee weapons are on display, new stages and new bad guys. Definitely worth checking out.

GTA Ballad Of Gay Tony Video: Meet Tony Price. Everyone’s been talking about Gay Tony, well now it’s time for everyone to meet the man behind the name.

M.A.G. Pre-Order Bonuses And Beta Access Announced. Details on which special merc and swag comes with what pre-order. Either way, gamers will gain access to the public beta by pre-ordering the game.

Borderlands Dev Doc Episode 1 Goes Christian Bale On Sound Guy. Imagine a one-wheeled robot getting harassed by an incompetent sound guy and then going off on him like Christian Bale. Yep, sounds like a pricky robot, eh?

PAX 2009 Swine Flu Case Reported. Seems as if no one can escape H1G1 virus or whatever it’s called. The latest attack was reported at the PAX 2009 event.

New Hearts Of Iron Game Announced, Arsenal Of Democracy. If you’re a fan of Paradox Interactive then this is news definitely worth checking out.


Another Metal Gear Solid Prison Break Occurs. Cardboard box, sneaky feet and a prison break equals epic hilarity…again.

IGG Pulls An Obama On 2029 Online Salary System. It’s time to implement a socialist salary system because the capitalist one just wasn’t working.

Online Gaming Without Foul Mouthed 12 Year Olds. A new service is set to rival Xbox Live and it’s called Ready to Play.

Darkest Of Days Gameplay Media Blowout For PC And Xbox 360. Unique time-traveling shooter gets a Media Blowout that’s definitely worth checking out.

No Region Lock For Army Of Two The 40th Day. Multiplayer is no longer limited to a specific region. This is probably good news for gamers living in Nova Scotia.

Assassin’s Creed II Gameplay Walkthrough Tutorial. The Ubisoft developers explain exactly what’s new and how to utilize it in this new walkthrough video.

Dreamcast Revived For New Rush Rush Rally Racing. The impossible has just become a reality and RedSpotGames is reviving the Dreamcast for a multiplayer arcade title.

Sega Teases New 2D Sonic Title. It’s not just a 2D title it’s going to be an HD 2D game for the Xbox 360 and PS3.


LucasArts Announces Lucidity. The new game by LucasArts sounds like a water diagram manifest. Nevertheless, this is LucasArts and that means that you might want to click the link to get all the necessary info.

PAX Preview: No More Heroes 2. Suda51’s second lightsaber outing gets previewed by Blend Games’ Andy Keener.

PAX Preview: Diablo III. More PAX previews coming at you and this time it’s for the highly awaited Diablo sequel.

NPD August 2009 Results: Madden NFL 10, DS, Batman Arham Asylum Sell Big. Another win-win month for Nintendo and Batman.

Batman Arkham Asylum DLC Explained. Not sure what the downloadable content is going to be like for Batman? Then check out this article which gives a rundown of the new features.

Toys R Us Video Game Trade In Service Launches Nationwide. It’s a great sounding service that takes back all kinds of games including Sega 32x and Atari 2600 titles. Click the link to find out what the catch is, though.

Courtney Love Wants To Sue Activision Over Cobain’s Guitar Hero 5 Appearance. The headline sort of speaks for itself, whether to be taken serious or as a joke is up for the reader to decide.

Army of Two 40th Day Gameplay Media Blowout. Four new trailers that give a good rundown of what to expect from the upcoming Army of Two: 40th Day.


Secret World New Screenshots And Game Details Revealed. The awesome modern-day, action-horror MMORPG receives a lift on its embargo and that means new screenshots and details.

Forza Motorsport 3 New Cars And Gameplay Media Blowout. Everyone loves a media blowout so here’s one for the highly anticipated racing simulator due out for the Xbox 360.

Dante’s Inferno Dev Doc Uncovers The Lair Of Greed. One of the most thrilling and disturbing dev docs for the game, yet. Definitely worth taking a look at.

Brink Screenshots Bring The Pain. Lots and lots of pain is on the Brink.

Halo Waypoint Arrives November 5th. Absolutely everything Halo will be available at the Halo Waypoint. Ridiculous fanboys will probably have a seizure just thinking about it.

Forza Motorsport Demo Coming September 24th. The game has gone gold and the demo is coming sooner rather than later.

Tropico 3 Demo Now Available For PC. Get all the tropical wonders in the new Tropico 3 demo. The game looks awesome, by the way.

PAX Preview: EyePet. Andy Keener gives his first-hand impressions of EyePet during his Penny Arcade Expo adventure.


Top 10 Most Disappointing Add-Ons For Games. Mike Bell from the TheGameReviews offers his opinion on the worst of the worst when it comes to game add-ons.

Jedi Knight Series Hits Steam And Direct2Drive On September 16th. All the lightsaber-maiming action that we loved from the 90’s and early 00’s will now be available on Steam? Nice.

Digital Killed The Retail Star. Dave Whitelaw from TheGameReviews offers up his first editorial about digital gaming and how it will eventually kill retailers.

Bethesda Sues Interplay Over Fallout. Gaming companies proved they can rack in more money than Hollywood and the music industry combined, looks like it’s they’re also showing that they can be just as frivolous when it comes to lawsuits too.

Interview For Aion An exclusive interview at Blend Games to round out the week for one of the most anticipated games of the year. Get all the details on this MMO by jumping through the link.

That wraps this edition of the Blend Games Weekly Recap. Be sure to stay tuned in for more info, news, media and insight regarding all things gaming. We leave you this week with the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 launch trailer. Awesome doesn’t really measure up to describing it but I think you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.