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Since the release of maybe the biggest Star Wars movie yet, many have been waiting in hopes of getting news of an actual Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game. Disney Infinity has put out their version of the film, but a tweet from EA confirmed that as of right now, Star Wars: Battlefront will only focus on the earlier films.

EA didn’t outright deny any sort of future plans to bring in Force Awakens content, but instead noted the fact that their focus right now is characters and stories from the earlier films. So you could say there is still hope. One other Twitter user responded to the conversation where EA made their announcement.

Using a quote directly from Star Wars’ Han Solo, it was obvious he wasn’t too happy about the news, and it’s understandable why people are upset due to the lack of Force Awakens content. If you are a true Star Wars fan and have been dedicating your life to Star Wars: Battlefront to ready yourself for the new film, you are probably going to expect EA to feed your hunger for more Star Wars content. Because like a really good series on Netflix or a trip to Disney World, you never want it to end and when it does, and you’re left feeling empty. And when you can’t fill that empty hole, well that’s when the reactions come into play. Upon hearing the upsetting news, more fans expressed their outrage on Twitter.

While some Twitter users were melodramatic, others were more direct with what they wanted to see out of the Star Wars: Battlefront game.

As many Star Wars fans take to Twitter to express their concern, hatred and mourning for the loss of any kind of Force Awakens DLC in Star Wars: Battlefront, you have to sit back and realize maybe EA has sights on a new Star Wars game entirely focused on content from Force Awakens. So if you think about it, what’s the point of releasing DLC when you could build a whole other game dedicated to the new trilogy? Granted, it might be a few years before we get it, but isn’t it worth waiting for?