Why Is EA Sports UFC Not On Wii U? EA Explains

As we all know by now, there's some secret sauce for the Wii U. Ubisoft has stated that they wanted to spread some of this secret sauce over Watch Dogs. MisterxMedia is very heavily trying to convince his audience that the Xbox can pull out a “Banana Surprise”, but it's not looking very likely. Despite the fact that the Xbox One seems to be failing at hitting people with a “Banana Surprise” and the Wii U is basking in that secret sauce, one would expect that by now publishers might jump on the Big 'N's big banana. But nope. EA is still playing hard to get.

Gameranx spotted a Q&A taking place in a recent Ask Me Anything on Reddit, creative director Brian Hayes addressed a very obvious question by the gaming community about the upcoming EA Sports UFC and whether the Wii U would get a version.

According to Hayes, he stated that...

“We're pushing the limits on PS4 and XB1,”... “Wii U isn't on the radar at this point in time.”

What the heck does that mean? They're trying to get the “Banana Surprise” console to hit 720p at 30 even frames per second because it's been struggling to do that since its launch back in November of 2013?

Unfortunately, Hayes doesn't bother explaining what "pushing the limits" exactly means; does that refer to polygon count? Shader technology? Frame-rate? What is "pushing the limits"? Are they trying to get that Scarface song secured for the PS4 and Xbox One version? Because a bunch of studios have been "pushing the limits" just to get the Xbox One to hit 900p for anything that isn't a cartoony side-scroller.

I know some people have tried falling back on the argument that the Wii U just doesn't have the juice in the gonads to pump out the kind of graphical power to compete with the PS4 and Xbox One, but that doesn't really hold up considering that most new gen titles have been upscaled from the Xbox 360 or PS3, or – in the case of high-end games like Battlefield 4 – downscaled to the point where it's almost not even the same game anymore.

It seems impossible to believe that the “Wii U doesn't have the power” argument would hold any weight when the 360 and PS3 limp-dicked their way through running Battlefield 4, and Battlefield 3 before that – two highly demanding games on the front of graphics, physics and multiplayer stability.

The common answer for EA Sports UFC not being on Wii U falls back on EA's petty fallout with Nintendo over Origin not powering the Nintendo Network.

But what about the Glorious PC Master Race? Why aren't they on the radar for this new UFC game? Of course, the power game isn't even an argument when it comes to the PC, and Hayes' responded with a “maybe” to the possibility of a PC port. So, of course, we can rule out the "power" argument. It just kind of sounds more like foam-thought processing to me.

Some speculate that EA simply wants to target the high-profile platforms where they know they can return a profit. Wii U owners actually have tastes in what they add to their software library, curating the crappy games from their list and only adding worthwhile titles to their collection.

In simple terms: EA puts out a lot of crap and most Nintendo owners don't like buying crap.

Games of higher quality seem to fare better on Nintendo's platforms, and usually it's only Nintendo and a few other second party studios who put the proper time into their games. Nevertheless, it looks like the two platforms that offer the most diversity, originality and pure gaming experiences are the ones that will be missing out on EA Sports UFC.

In all honesty? I think we'll live. Besides, if the game launches anywhere near around May, I doubt it'll fare better in sales on the eighth gen twins than Mario Kart 8.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.