Wargaming.net's highly popular free-to-play title, World of Tanks, has managed to accrue more than 45 million registered players. It also set a record with having more than 600,000 simultaneous players on one of the Russian servers. This spells a lot of success for the company as they gear up for the World of Warplanes release.

Gameindustry.biz has a brief rundown of the accomplishment made by Wargaming.net, and Andrei Yarantsau, VP of Global Operations commented about World of Tanks' success, saying that...
“Wargaming has demonstrated sustainable growth and solid performance during 2012, mainly due to the success of our headliner - World of Tanks,”

“The tremendous success of World of Tanks has showcased that the company has developed a strong and reliable technological platform with an incredible amount of remaining potential. The result is that we'll keep being able to provide top-notch online services and regular high quality content and updates.”

There was no stats on how many of those 45 million regularly spend money in the cash shop and what the average expenditure-per-month that whales invest into the game, but we can safely assume that there are enough people pouring money into the game to warrant expansions on Wargaming.net's behalf.

Speaking of expansion...the company is already looking ahead to capitalize on various other elements of war-gaming, including the World of Warplanes expansion and the upcoming World of Warships...which could complete the trifecta of mobile war-machine gaming.

You can hop into the game right now, for free, by heading on over to the official World of Tanks website.

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