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World Of Warcraft 10th Anniversary Event Begins

World Of Warcraft officially turns 10 years old on Sunday. Blizzard is marking this milestone with two special activities that let players relive the game's early years.

Players can use the Raid Finder to join a level 100 person of the Molten Core raid from "vanilla" WoW. Just like in the old days, 40 players will face 10 bosses in the caverns deep below Blackrock Mountain. The raid culminates in a battle against Ragnaros the Firelord. Check out Wowhead's guide to each boss to ensure that you're not dead weight.

Defeating Ragnaros will earn you a spec-appropriate iLevel 640 helm, a flaming crown that the old Crown of Destruction. Additionally, you'll receive a Core Hound mount. You also have a chance to earn a Hatespark the Tiny battle pet along with Flames of Ragnaros, an item that makes your weapons appear to glow with fire.

You can't stroll into Molten Core with a fresh 100, unfortunately. You'll need an average item level of at least 615, which means you'll have to do some max-level quests or dungeons first. Fortunately, you've got time. Molten Core and the rest of the 10th anniversary celebration will run through January 6th.

The other anniversary event is Tarren Mill vs Southshore, a PvP battleground. It's inspired by a region Hillsbrad Foothills that was once very popular for world PvP in the early days of WoW. Horde and Alliance players used to create huge groups and attack each others' towns. World PvP died out as Blizzard offered more rewarding activities like battlegrounds and arenas so this is players' chance to relive the random melees of vanilla WoW.

The objective of Tarren Mill vs Southshore is simple: kill the other team. With each kill, you climb in rank and become worth more points if the other team takes you down. Horde players who win the battleground will earn the "Southshore Slayer" vanity title, while Alliance players will get "Tarren Mill Terror."

Anyone who logs in by January 5th will also get an 10th Anniversary Achievement. They can also add a Molten Corgi to their pet collection. In addition to being cute as all hell, the Corgi is a Rare-quality Elemental battle pet.

The 10th Anniversary Celebration comes just a week after the launch of expansion pack Warlords of Draenor. The expansion's first days were full of technical problems but managed to give the game a huge bump in subscribers. You'll need to buy Draenor to raise your characters' level cap to 100 for Molten Core. I suppose you could access the 90-99 version of the Tarren Mill battleground without the expansion, though.

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