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Blizzard is pitching in with the relief efforts in Japan. Today they added an in-game Cenarion Hatchling pet to their online store. All proceeds will go toward American Red Cross's Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief efforts.

"This support will enable the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, emotional support, and other assistance to victims of this disaster. Help make a difference and adopt a Cenarion Hatchling of your very own," says Blizzard.

The pet cost $10 to purchase. It can be mailed to a friend as a gift, if you wish. Once activated, the Hatchling will be available to all of your present and future characters. It will be waiting in your mailbox as soon as you log on.

The Blizzard Store states that proceeds will go toward Japan relief from now until July 31st. There's no mention of whether they'll remove the pet from the store after that date so it's probably a permanent addition to the store.

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