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Yesterday 2K Games announced that 2K Marin would be handling development of XCOM. However, the truth is slightly more complicated than you'd expect.

A 2K Games rep told 1UP that the game is being handled by 2K Marin's Australian division, formerly known as 2K Australia. Previously "2K Marin" only referred to the Novato, California-based studio that made BioShock 2. However, now the 2K studios in Canberry, Australia and Novato both operate under the name "2K Marin," which definitely won't be confusing.

Why is this important? Well, it means that the core team behind BioShock 2 in Novato won't be heading up XCOM. Makes sense, considering BioShock 3 is a foregone conclusion.

XCOM is a first-person shooter based on the popular strategy series X-Com. It's in development for the PC and Xbox 360. Further details and the first screenshot can be found here.

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