Quarterly results are in for Microsoft’s Xbox division and despite a lot of “downs” the company is overall seeing a lot of “ups”. Also, there was a comment about future products and services, which hints at Microsoft’s next-gen plans.

According to GameIndustry.biz, Microsoft’s Xbox division profit margins for the first quarter of this year fell below those of 2010. Q1 2011 seen MS raking in an impressive $352 million with more than 2.3 million Xbox 360 units moved, down from 2010’s $386 million and 2.8 million Xbox 360 SKUs moved.

Revenues in Microsoft’s Entertainment and Device division were up, mainly due to digital sales from Xbox Live, bringing the total division revenue to $1.96 billion, up from 2010’s $1.75 billion. Although, that number will probably get curb-stomped when Activision releases their quarterlies after Modern Warfare 3 drops.

Peter Klein, chief financial officer at Microsoft dropped a few comments, one of which was actually interesting…
"We saw customer demand across the breadth of our products, resulting in record first-quarter revenue and another quarter of solid EPS growth,"…"Our product portfolio is performing well, and we've got an impressive pipeline of products and services that positions us well for future growth."

An “impressive pipeline of products and services” , eh? On the low-end of the media speculation train that would simply mean their ITV services and a pipeline of products would contain things such as Kinect exclusives and Halo 4. On a more wildly speculative note that could imply a pipeline of hardware that includes the Xbox 720, which is being rumored for release during the holiday of 2013. The only reason you could take that last line as a hint at the Xbox 720 is because he explicitly infers “future growth” as the reason for the pipline of products and services as being “impressive”. But that’s just speculation folks…take it as you will.

You can learn more about the Xbox Live ITV program as well as other Xbox related services by visiting the Official Website.
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