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The first unofficial Steam Box has already been announced and is prepping for release this holiday season. The high-end module is just smaller than a soda can and can output graphics equivalent to a next-gen console. It's running some high-end gear and can plug-and-play on your TV with ease. Xi3 released a new trailer to promote their Piston PC console, which is the first of many living room solution PCs announced that is designed for Steam's Big Picture Mode.

The Steam Box has been picking up a lot of media steam lately, as Gabe Newell has confirmed that additional prototypes are already in the works and companies like MSI and Killer Technology are very keen on the Steam Box bringing PC gaming into mainstream gaming circles.

Well, not every Steam compatible PC-console will be everyone's dream machine (whether it be in specs or pricing) but Xi3 is jumping the gate and getting their name out their early with their $1,000 couch-gaming solution, and they had a pretty spiffy trailer to showcase for their miniature but powerful device.

To be honest, that was a really snazzy promo and it was accentuated nicely as an opposite-end-of-the-spectrum alternative to the very cheap but questionable OUYA.

One thing is for sure, I'm almost inclined to think that EA's president of labels, Frank Gibeau, was right about this next-generation of gaming potentially being the new Golden Age of gaming. The possibilities are definitely there and the technology certainly does look to favor gaming over greed, but we can't assume based on prospective possibilities, because that's all they are.

Anyway, this holiday season will be immense and will probably be the biggest holiday gaming season in the history of video games. Containing my excitement is becoming increasingly harder as the months droll on because Xi3 has already set the stage and we expect Valve to detail a fall rollout within the coming months, answering the gauntlet that Sony threw down with the PS4's holiday release announcement.

You can learn more about Xi3's Piston PC console by visiting the Official Website. Oh yeah, and pre-orders for the $1,000 console are also available.

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