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The Ouya might not celebrate its wide release until later this month, but at least those who adopted the system early (as in Kickstarter early) will have a new game to sink their teeth into come June 11. It's You Don't Know Jack, and it comes packed with all the features trivia fans remember from the classic game.

A digital version of Jellyvision's You Don't Know Jack was released on consoles last year, as well as iOS and Facebook. I can only assume the Ouya version of the game is the exact same package, which will be available in an 11-question demo free of charge. The full game will set you back 10 bucks, which will add an additional 20 “episodes” to the game.

A four-player trivia game, You Don't Know Jack puts a fun spin on the genre with unique features and well constructed multiple choice questions. Presented as an interactive game show, player will compete for virtual cash and prizes in a title that presents the full game show experience, including thumping tunes, backstage moments and more. The “Screw Your Neighbor” feature is also retained, allowing players to force a player of their choosing to take on a particularly tough question.

Finally, the Ouya version will have a one-up on other versions of the game with a companion “JackPad” app that turns your iPhone, iPad or Android device into an additional controller. No need for four Ouya controllers with this game so long as you have a few additional smart devices around. And that, to me, is a pretty awesome feature.

If you already have an Ouya hooked up and ready to go, look for You Don't Know Jack on June 11. If you're looking to get the console when it releases on June 25, the game should be waiting for you.

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