You'll Soon Be Able To Exact Revenge As John Wick In This Video Game

John Wick was one of the year's best movies, and now it's going to be made into a video game.

VG247 reports that Starbreeze Studios is hard at work on a virtual reality-based first-person shooter based on the Lionsgate film, which is said to be a "fully immersive VR experience."

Starbreeze Studios is working alongside theBlu: Encounter and distributor WEVR to create the game, with development team GRAB in charge of development across several different platforms. The game itself is going to be a standalone first-person shooter that's based on the enigmatic Continental Hotel and will further tie into the Payday 2 ties John Wick has already.

While players will be able to test out a promotional version of the game on the HTC Vive World Tour, the full game won't be in circulation until around spring of next year. But one has to wonder why, of all the properties out there, Starbreeze is taking on John Wick. While it's absolutely a shining example of what one would call cinematic french fries (all delicious, probably a little bad for you, but decadent nevertheless) it's a strange decision to base a game off of, unless it's going to be a knock-down, drag-out brawler in the vein of Serious Sam or Painkiller. And opting for VR when it's still for all intents and purposes in its infancy is a strange move as well.

But I know what I'd like to do in the game: go after anyone and everyone who'd hurt an animal, like the heartless killers at the beginning of John Wick that started it all. Look, I know they got what was coming to them and all, but I think they need some good, old-fashioned video game punishments a la first-person shooters, and I'm going to be the one to deliver it.

One wonders if this game will also be based on the original movie or if it'll be going along with the upcoming sequel that's supposedly releasing next September, also starring our good ol' Keanu Reeves once more and reprising his role. Hopefully the game will reflect the awesome cinematography, excellent editing, and snappy dialogue we saw in the movie, because once it started it kept gaining momentum and wouldn't stop for anything. That's the kind of movie that lends itself well to a game, so I'm remaining hopeful on this one and thinking it could potentially be great. But I've yet to experience virtual reality -- maybe this might be the first game I get my hands on to try!