Zynga's CEO Mark Pincus Makes Top 5 Worst CEO List

Well who didn't see this coming? If you have your hand raised you deserve a pimp slap from Samual L. Jackson. Zynga's less-than-popular CEO, Mark Pincus, managed to top the worst of the worst list as one of the top 5 worst CEOs of 2012. That's something you really don't want on your resume...but you can't hide the obvious from Google.

Business Week [via GI.biz] has an article listing the top 5 worst CEOs of the year from professor Sydney Finkelstein, from Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business.

Given that this is a gaming sub-section and not business 101, we'll skip the other participants in the list and focus on the one that helped create the casual craze that put dollar signs in the eyes of so many publishers and developers out there hoping to cash in on the mobile and web-space design front...Mark Pincus from Zynga, who ranked fourth on the list from Finkelstein.

As many of you know, Zynga has been a sinking ship throughout 2011...so much so that EA wanted to drive the nail in the coffin by suing the creatively-deficient company for copyright infringement, which not only helped put Zynga in the light as the greater evil between EA and Zynga, but also helped their stock plummet to unforeseen depths.

The company is a bane to gaming culture because they don't even make games, and it's headed up by a guy who doesn't even care about games. Zynga makes click-bait without any real gameplay and then hopes to cash in on any and every other company's successful ideas to make cash for themselves. All that's wrong with American capitalism is wrapped up in the pseudo-gaming company known as Zynga, and Pincus making the top 5 for worst CEO of 2012 is a badge of dishonor he deserves to wear with public shame.

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