Ahead Of Chicago P.D.'s 200th Episode, Patrick John Flueger And Marina Squerciati Discuss The Burzek Development That Changed Everything

Marina Squerciati and Patrick John Flueger in Chicago PD Season 10
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Chicago P.D. will hit the 200-episode milestone on February 22, and not many primetime shows are able to produce that many episodes. Actors Marina Squerciati and Patrick John Flueger, who have been part of the cast from the first season, not only previewed how the 200th episode would be “elevated” above usual cases, but also discussed the development for Burzek that changed everything: taking in Makayla. The stars spoke with CinemaBlend about what it has meant for their characters after the first 199 episodes, leading into 200 in Season 10!

It wasn’t all that long ago that Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) seemed like they would never be on the same page at the same time for very long, but the introduction of Makayla in Season 8 followed by Burgess’ decision to take her in meant that something had to change. In the episodes since, Burgess has officially become the little girl’s mom, and Ruzek has stepped up as a father figure after Burgess asked him to be Makayla's guardian. They co-parent, cohabitate, and even work well together on the job. 

So, would they have ever gotten to this solid place in their relationship if not for Makayla? When the stars spoke with CinemaBlend in a joint interview, Patrick John Flueger shared his thoughts:

No, I don't think so. Makayla coming in, on the one hand, just from my character's perspective, I think it's the one thing that made him pause and reassess how he approaches everything, including his job, certainly his relationship. That's the thing that made him grow up, as it were, which I think is pretty standard for men to a certain degree as a kid comes into the picture, and they realize like, 'Oh, I can't be Peter Pan anymore, because I got one of those right here. I don't want them turning into a Lost Boy.' So no, I don't think they would have and I think she needed the help.

Ruzek had some choices to make when Makayla came into Burgess’ life and became her daughter, since there was no room for them to go back to a will they/won’t they status quo. The little girl was a new priority, so he could either have less of a presence in Burgess’ life or step up and become a father in just about every way other than being called “Dad.” Plus, as Flueger said, Burgess needed some help. 

Even if she was coping as well as could be expected early on, being an active mom in Makayla’s life in the wake of her shooting was basically impossible. Later, Ruzek was nearly as frantic as she was when Makayla was kidnapped. Luckily, they moved past that brutal fight when they butted heads while trying to rescue her, and Squerciati responded to Flueger’s comments about Ruzek reassessing for Makayla: 

That's more you, right? Like, you stepped in, in a way. I was doing this thing, no matter what. It's a glue. I would hope they would still end up together and figure this stuff out, but maybe you need a push.

As of the first 199 episodes, Burgess and Ruzek are on excellent terms as friends, partners, and co-parents, but their future (or lack thereof) as a couple is murky. The love is there, but will they ever try a romantic relationship again? Is it even possible for either of them to be in a relationship with somebody else at this point? Would either of them even want that when Makayla is their top priority? 

Only time will tell, and all signs point toward some big Burzek moments in the 200th episode on February 22. Take a look at the promo: 

Tune in to NBC on Wednesday, February 22 at 10 p.m. ET for the 200th episode of Chicago P.D., and check back with CinemaBlend afterward for what the P.D. stars had to say about what happens. You can also revisit previous seasons of the hit series streaming with a Peacock Premium subscription, and find more upcoming viewing options on our 2023 TV premiere schedule.

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