How Chicago P.D. Can Build A Support System For Burgess After Her Life-Changing Choice


Chicago P.D. delivered a life-changing twist for Kim Burgess in the latest episode when she decided to take in young Makayla rather than let the little girl go into a system that could well fail her. It was a bold choice, and one that she made without a whole lot of time to plan ahead. Her future looks very different, and Marina Squerciati, who has played Burgess through some serious emotional highs and lows over the past two seasons, has some fun ideas for the support system that Chicago P.D. could build for her moving forward.

Marina Squerciati spoke with CinemaBlend about Burgess' arc over the recent episodes of Chicago P.D., with the two Makayla installments featuring some nice moments between Burgess and Ruzek, Atwater, and even Platt as she tried to navigate connecting with this traumatized child. (Sadly, no moments between Burgess and a certain other character.) The P.D. star opened up about the kinds of support she thinks Burgess could receive from Ruzek, Atwater, and Platt, and she definitely had some fun ideas, starting with Burgess' fellow Intelligence officers:

I don't know what Ruzek can offer her. I think Atwater will definitely be a source of like, you know, any blind spots that she may have as a white mom to a black child. That is something that I think she'll rely on Atwater for, hopefully.

While Ruzek was excited at the prospect of becoming a father and co-parenting with Burgess in Season 7, he doesn't quite have the experience that could come in handy with a little girl, and he wasn't overflowing with support of Burgess' decision to take in Makayla anyway. To contrast, Atwater already proved to be a resource to her, as she tried to decide whether she could and should take Makayla in. And if the man who raised Vanessa and Jordan believes she can do it, that's a good sign.

One more person who showed support for Burgess during the Makayla episodes was Platt, which follows up on their scenes in Season 7 in the episode that came to a devastating end for Burgess. That said, the bond between Burgess and Platt doesn't mean that potentially helping with Makayla would make Amy Morton's character any less... well, Platt. Marina Squerciati had some thoughts on the hilarious role Platt could fill in a support system for Burgess:

I mean, I feel like Platt might babysit. That'd be so great. I wonder if they'd do that... Yeah, I feel like I'm like paying Platt $16 an hour and she's like, 'It's $20.' She's like, 'I let her watch Jaws. Is that okay?' I'm like, 'No, that's not okay, she's eight!'

I can't speak for any other Chicago P.D. fans out there, but I absolutely want to see any kind of situation that will involve Platt babysitting Makayla, whether or not Jaws is involved. It could definitely add some lightheartedness to the darkest show in One Chicago, and to a storyline that got off to such a tragic start with the fates of Makayla's family. Marina Squerciati has also shared her thoughts on whether or not Burgess being a mom and working in Intelligence is sustainable:

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