Animaniacs Stars Maurice LeMarche And Rob Paulsen Have Pitch For A Pinky And The Brain Movie, And I Dig It

Animaniacs is known for gifting audiences with the wildly lovable Warner brothers (and sister). However, we can’t forget that it also introduced a stellar supporting cast, which included Pinky and the Brain – who are voiced by Rob Paulsen and Maurice LeMarche, respectively. Next to the Warners, the two laboratory mice are arguably the most iconic characters the franchise has produced. The writers skillfully built the dynamic between the two, who are polar opposites, but a lot of credit should also go to LeMarche and Paulsen for their pitch-perfect portrayals. They know their roles inside and out at this point and even have a pitch for a movie starring the eccentric rodents, which I totally dig. 

Most animation devotees are surely familiar with Pinky and the Brain. One’s a genius, the other’s insane, and they spend their nights in ACME Labs trying to find ways to take over the world. (Well, the latter does, at least.) Ultimately, their machinations are never successful, though the attempts are delightfully funny to watch. Maurice LeMarche and Rob Paulsen spoke about some of the duo’s past exploits during our chat in promotion of Hulu’s Animaniacs Season 3. I also asked about what they’d ideally still like to see done with their diminutive characters. LeMarche revealed his desire for an episode featuring an alternate universe before diving into a pitch for a big-screen adventure:

I have always thought that it would be fun to see an alternate universe episode where we see what happens in a universe where Brain succeeds in taking over the world. We haven't done that one yet. … You know, what else I’d like for these characters is [Transitions into announcer voice] a major feature film, coming to a theater near you. [Transitions back to regular speaking voice] I mean, we have so many movies that feature, you know, Tom and Jerry… I would love it if the powers that be said, ‘Let's give these guys their own feature film.’ They could go on, you know, a two-hour adventure, trying to find the one thing that will make the take-over-the-world machine work, and it's about the journey and especially about the journey that [Pinky] and [Brain] take. There's such this beautiful thing of optimism and crankiness and yet they're together on a mission. That, to me, it would make for a great film.

A Pinky and the Brain road movie? When can I buy tickets? The sheer idea of the two friends on the big screen is exciting enough, but the notion of them embarking on a road trip is even better. There’s so much comedic gold that could be mined from a story in which they travel across the United States – or the globe. I’m chuckling to myself just imagining Pinky’s reactions to those who live in varied parts of the country and world. Rob Paulsen, who also voices Yakko Warner, is down for a motion picture as well and explained why he thinks there’d be interest in it:

That's absolutely verbatim what I would have said… I believe, obviously, it's self serving, but I'm a fan. And I believe that [Pinky and the Brain] have the strength to carry a film. Certainly, the fanbase is ardent, and I think as evidenced by the response to the Hulu reboot, I think that it's teed up for ‘em.

Such a production would likely have the clever charm of the Hulu revival and the OG show. There’d also surely be some impeccable jokes that could rival the two stars’ favorites. However, there is one major stipulation that the two actors have about a film, as Maurice LeMarche explained:

But of course, without celebrity recasting if I can just put in a pitch for that, we want to play them. We have to play them, we are them. [Transitions into Brain voice] ‘We’re Pinky and the Brain!’

Few fans can probably imagine anyone but the two voice-acting veterans lend their pipes to the beloved odd couple. Time and time again, they’ve delivered A+ work, which is part of the reason why Animaniacs has had such a strong legacy. Take a look at some of their funniest moments down below:

With Hulu’s revival series now coming to an end, there’s a chance that this could be the last time Maurice LeMarche and Rob Paulsen play these characters. Though one can never truly say never, as it wasn’t too long ago that this sequel series seemed like an improbability. Here’s hoping that Pinky and the Brain get their time in the theater one day and that the two actors who’ve voiced them for three decades are the ones leading the project.

You can see the quirky bond between the mice by streaming Animaniacs Season 3 which is now available to Hulu subscription holders. CinemaBlend’s 2023 TV schedule is also available for those who are looking for other animated fare that’s coming down the pike.

Erik Swann
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