Big Brother’s Monte Taylor Discusses The Sacrifices That Come With Being On The Show, And If He'd Ever Play Again

In previous seasons, Big Brother 24’s Monte Taylor would have easily had what it took to win out on finale night, but this season wasn’t like any others. Despite having a superior win count in total competitions, Monte found himself in second place following an all-time great finale speech by his Final Two opponent, and former showmance, Taylor Hale. Now, following what he surely thought was a victory going into the the vote, Monte revealed his thoughts about possibly ever returning to Big Brother in the future, and the sacrifices required to play this game. 

Following his runner-up finish on the calamitous Big Brother Season 24, CinemaBlend had a chance to speak to Monte, who was one of only a few Final HOH winners to lose after picking their Houseguest to go against. To that end, I asked if he’s already thinking of a comeback run, and Monte gave a candid and honest answer, pointing out what he missed out on in life after committing to a show like Big Brother

I’m not going to lie, it’s tough to say yes at this moment, just coming out of that experience. It is a lot. It is pretty tough feeling like — not even feeling like — the reality is that you’re missing time with family. You’re missing time away from business ventures you have going on. Even just personal development stuff. I missed the gym so much.

Monte Taylor spent 82 days in the Big Brother house, which is a pretty long time to be away from any kind of life commitment. Viewers may take for granted even the simple things that the Houseguests are denied access, to like a fully functional gym. It sounds like he’s spent the days following the finale taking stock of what all he’d been missing, which is definitely worth major consideration when thinking about doing it all over again. 

Before any fans count him out for a Big Brother returnees season, however, Monte did offer a bit more perspective on where he stands with making a second go at it. The Season 24 Houseguest revealed he may be willing to down the stretch, and shared some thoughts behind wanting to do so:

I think with some time I could be convinced, especially with the way that things ended up. I would love to see under different circumstances and with a different thought process how I could approach it. So, I’m pretty open-minded to it, man. You never know.

Big Brother Season 24 hasn’t been over for that long, so it’s understandable that Monte is undecided. Season 23 Houseguest Azah Awasum told CinemaBlend she didn’t have fun playing after her Final Three finish; but in spite of that turnout, she still competed in The Challenge the very next year. Playing Big Brother is an overwhelming experience, especially with the litany of things that happened throughout Season 24 — my favorite was the puking incident — so it’s easy to see why Monte may not be eager to hop back in the house and on the live feeds for everyone to scrutinize. He still feels like a top choice for a returnee in a future season all the same, so we’ll see should the time come if he’ll ever return. 

Big Brother Season 24 is finished at CBS, but viewers can still go back and binge it with a Paramount+ subscription while waiting for Season 25, as well as anything that might occur before then. I know I have my heart set on seeing Janelle Pierzina and Rachel Reilly in a legends season, but who knows if that will ever actually happen.

Mick Joest
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