Guillermo del Toro’s Relationship With Netflix Is About To Become Even Greater

When Netflix finds a partner it loves working with, it’s easy for those gears to keep turning. For the most part, we’ve seen the platform’s new movie releases cash in on relationships that see a recurring stable of actors like Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth and other loyal players who are happy to work with the big red streamer. However, it looks like a new partnership is about to become even greater, as Guillermo del Toro made a promising statement on his work in the near future.

Though he obviously couldn’t spill any beans during our interview to promote his adaptation of Pinocchio on Netflix, the famed filmmaker didn’t leave me empty handed. While it’s not quite an announcement that At the Mountains of Madness is back on, it’s a promising sign for del Toro fans all over, as he told CinemaBlend the following: 

I’ll tell you, we’re going to announce a couple surprising things in the next couple of months. They would kill me if I do it now, but a couple of really surprising things coming up from my partnership with them.

2022 was a beautiful year for those loyal to the works of Guillermo del Toro, be they projects he helped develop or actually undertook himself. As a driving force on the WTF-filled Cabinet of Curiosities, del Toro wrote some episodes, but left the directing to an eclectic assortment of horror notables. Meanwhile, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio saw the director tackle stop-motion for the first time, with Fantastic Mr. Fox animation director Mark Gustafson working alongside him. 

Both projects were well received by Netflix and Guillermo del Toro loyalists, so the fact that this partnership would continue feels like a no-brainer. Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio especially proves to be a binding force, as the streaming studio was responsible for resurrecting del Toro’s passion project that started development 15 years ago. That’s the sort of trust that doesn’t come easy, but can be quite rewarding. 

I did directly mention At the Mountains of Madness when asking Guillermo del Toro about his Netflix future, and while it didn’t elicit any specific reaction, it wasn’t taken off the table. As recent talk around the project has seen the director floating the possibility of a stop-motion version, that just might appeal to Netflix execs looking to please the fanbase of del Toro.

Cabinet of Curiosities made its bones with two H.P. Lovecraft adaptations in its presumed first season, so letting Guillermo del Toro finally tackle At the Mountains of Madness might already be on the menu. Then again, maybe another season of Curiosities is what’s going to be announced, with room for a surprise movie or two also being in the works. Considering how many unrealized ideas the famed creator has waiting for a similar resurrection, the possibilities really are endless, with nothing specific confirmed just yet.

At this point, all anyone knows is to keep their ears and eyes open for whatever Guillermo del Toro and Netflix decide to announce in the months to come. For now, you can catch both Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, as well as Cabinet of Curiosities, with an active Netflix subscription. Whether you’re in the mood for a darkly heartwarming fairy tale or some deeply disturbing fare, you have some pretty good choices for your preferred holiday viewing.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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