James Bond’s Christoph Waltz Has Thoughts On Two Of The Most Controversial 007 Moments Of The Daniel Craig Era

Looking back on the Daniel Craig era of James Bond movies, there are quite a few topics that easily kick up conversation in a room full of fans. Two of those topics come from the tail end of the actor’s recently-ended tenure in the tuxedo, as both Spectre and No Time To Die have moments that cause great debate to this very day. So who better to ask for their thoughts than the author of James’ pain, and a man connected to one of those controversial 007 moments, Christoph Waltz himself!

Daniel Craig looks up bittersweetly in No Time To Die.

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Christoph Waltz’s Thoughts On No Time To Die’s Explosive Ending

I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Mr. Waltz during the press day for his dark comedy Prime Video series The Consultant. Playing another mysterious mastermind in the character of Regus Patoff, the Academy Award winner is once again showing his aptitude for playing a villain so satisfied with their own evil that you can’t help but watch with a smile.

That glee translates to Christoph Waltz’s actual persona, only instead of trying to use this happiness to rule the world, he employs it in service of being a fantastic conversation partner. So when I asked him how he felt about No Time To Die’s literally explosive ending, which saw Daniel Craig’s James Bond killed on screen, Waltz gave the decision a huge vote of praise, as he shared these feelings with CinemaBlend:

That’s audacious, but it’s fabulous. It’s fabulous, because it’s definitely something no one expected. And it does not contradict the continuation of the saga. Daniel made this thing so much his own, and such a specific entity within the saga, that it’s ok if it continues. Even if Daniel’s [James Bond] had died.

As we continue to wait for the next era of James Bond to be cast, fans all over are still debating how No Time To Die ended, and whether it’s a good idea or a horrific stain on the franchise. No matter the viewpoint, Christoph Waltz does make a good case for how it shouldn’t “ruin” the 007 franchise, as continuity of story has mostly been a fast and loose subject at best.

The Daniel Craig run of Bond movies are the first since the Sean Connery era to actually tell somewhat of a connected story, and things continued pretty handily after that point. Although when it comes to potentially hot takes, Waltz has another opinion that might shake and/or stir the martinis of many 007 fans. Let’s move on to the subject of Spectre, specifically the twist that many have referred to with a rather apt nickname: “Brofeld.” 

A scarred Christoph Waltz looks up menacingly in Spectre.

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How Christoph Waltz Feels About Spectre’s “Brofeld” Twist

In case you’ve forgotten about the equally controversial James Bond twist from Daniel Craig’s fourth adventure, Ernst Stavro Blofeld turned out to be 007’s adopted stepbrother. I’m one of the Bond fans who actually enjoys this twist and defends it on a rather regular basis, which is how I learned that humorously fitting nickname to a moment that many have lampooned.

Christoph Waltz is also in favor of Spectre’s big reveal, and he has another really good reason behind just why he’s Team Brofeld. As our conversation continued, he gave me the following feedback that explained just why this supposedly problematic moment was alright in his book: 

I think from a dramatic point of view, or a point of view of drama, it’s a fabulous turn. A fabulous conflict, a fabulous connection, and very useful for the stories. That’s how I felt about it. … It heightens the conflict. Everything that heightens the conflict is useful in a drama.

James Bond’s personal history and death will never not be hot topics that people love to discuss through their own frame of reference. The Daniel Craig movies proved that point better than any other era of Bond history, especially when its finale was well inspired by On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the supposed OG problem child of the series. 

As we wait to see how the future of the franchise unfolds, every and any talking point in 007 history could find its way back to the table, with everyone choosing their favorites to support their case for where the saga should go next. Thanks to Christoph Waltz, proponents of the Craig era now have more fuel for their arguments supporting 007’s death and the Brofeld twist, authoring some fresh pain in the eyes of their would-be opponents. Which, when you think about it, is the ultimate Blofeld move.

Whether you want to catch Christoph Waltz’s darkly hysterical performance in The Consultant, or if you want to revisit his role in No Time To Die, there’s one platform that has you covered. Both of those titles are available to those holding a Prime Video subscription, so there’s no need to delay when digging into either. 

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