Jason Momoa Uses 'Rainbow Farts Of Love' To Describe His Slumberland Character, And Yes, That Makes Sense

Jason Momoa’s new Netflix movie Slumberland is a wild fantasy journey into the world of dreams, but Jason Momoa plays a character who might inhabit your nightmares more than your happiest dreams. He’s a bit wild, a bit dark, and apparently, he smells. Specifically, he smells of “rainbow farts of love” according to the actor.

CinemaBlend had a chance to speak with Jason Momoa as well as his Slumberland co-star Marlow Barley, and we asked the pair about Momoa’ character Flip. It’s remarked more than once during the film that Flip has a particular odor to him, so we asked the pair just what the smell actually is, and Momoa gave his unique, but perhaps quite fitting answer. Check out the full response above. 

I mean, farts and rainbows basically covers the character of Flip pretty well. He’s a character that exists in a dream world, and if rainbows had a smell, you would expect to experience that smell inside your dreams. But at the same time Flip doesn’t exactly look like a rainbow, he’s a bit wilder and while I might not call him dirty, he is silly, and he probably thinks farts are really funny.

Slumberland follows a young girl whose father passes away. She escapes to the world of dreams, and meets Momoa’s Flip. There she hopes to be reunited with her father one more time, because in dreams anything is possible. 

What is clear watching Slumberland is that Jason Momoa is right at home in this sort of role, no matter what he smells like. Momoa is generally known for roles like his performances in Game of Thrones or Aquaman stuff that is meant for at least a slightly older audience. However, Momoa's clearly been making a concerted effort to broaden his appeal and be part of more general audience films. Slumberland is just one example of projects he has coming up that kids are likely to enjoy. The Minecraft movie is another

And audiences seem to be responding to this sillier version of Jason Momoa. Viewers seem to like Slumberland overall, and while critics don’t necessarily feel the same way, with the movie being a Netflix project that matters less than usual. There’s no need for box office success. As long as people find the movie, and enjoy it enough to keep watching it, it’s a success in Netflix’s book.

Whether Jason Momoa playing a character that smells like rainbow farts of love is the sort of thing that will attract viewers is unclear. I suppose we should all be glad smell-o-vision is not yet a thing that exists. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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