Stranger Things' Joseph Quinn Explains The Key Eddie Scene That He Thought 'Should Not Work' In Season 4

Warning: SPOILERS ARE AHEAD for Vol. 2 of Stranger Things Season 4 on Netflix.

The very long-awaited finale of Stranger Things Season 4 finally released, and it didn’t end entirely in victory for the heroes. They lost one of their own for good with the death of Eddie, but at least fans can take solace in the fact that he played a key – and very metal – part in the attempt to kill Vecna. He shredded Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” in the Upside Down in one of the most unforgettable sequences of the season, and actor Joseph Quinn explained why he originally thought the scene might not work. 

Eddie shredding his guitar in the Upside Down was first revealed in a trailer, but those trailer glimpses didn’t do justice to the finished product. Even though the heroes didn’t successfully kill Vecna, the demo-bats likely would have killed Nancy, Steve, and Robin without Eddie's musical distraction. Plus, the whole sequence would have been much less epic without “Master of Puppets” playing over it! When I spoke with Joseph Quinn about the scene, he explained his initial reaction and thought that it wouldn’t work:

I just remember just thinking like, 'Yeah, you've nailed it, guys!' I remember just thinking that this is such a kind of inventive and brilliant concept, and it should not work on any television show, but it did. It feels so right, in this one. I remember feeling some responsibility, you know, to try and make it look good. But I remember just thinking 'Ah, this is a really rare thing. This is going to be really fun.'

Joseph Quinn is undoubtedly right that the “Master of Puppets” sequence wouldn’t work on most television shows, but Stranger Things pulled it off so well that Metallica actually said that they “were totally blown away” and that it was “so extremely well done.” If the band itself signs off on a sci-fi show using their song to lure killer creatures in an alternate dimension, can anybody claim that it didn’t work? 

The actor feeling a “responsibility” to make the moment look good certainly paid off, as Eddie Munson going full Metallica in the Upside Down is already one of the most talked-about parts of Season 4’s second volume. Plus, since it happens before the demo-bats get Eddie and before Vecna kills Max (even though Eleven brings her back), it’s one of the less tragic standout sequences of Vol. 2. What’s not to love? Dustin was loving it right up until they had to hide from the bats themselves. 

All in all, it’s safe to say that Eddie playing “Master of Puppets” will go down as one of the greatest musical moments of the entire series, no matter what happens in Season 5. Sadly, Eddie didn’t live much longer after his epic stand on top of the Upside Down trailer with his guitar, as he survived the demo-bat attack just long enough to die in Dustin’s arms and put an end to them as a dynamic duo. According to Quinn, Eddie’s death was actually “weird” for him and Gaten Matarazzo to film.

Sadly for those fans who were holding out hope that he’ll be back, the death is going to stick. The Duffer brothers have already debunked theories that Eddie somehow survived, confirming that Season 4 was the end of the road for him. (And for Brenner, but who is really mourning Brenner?)

The fourth season came to a pretty unfortunate end for the heroes, as Max’s heart stopping was enough to count as the fourth death for Vecna, even though Eleven started it back up again. Vecna may be the biggest bad of all the Stranger Things villains, and actor Jamie Campbell Bower spoke with CinemaBlend about his preparation to play the role without the costume. 

Season 5 is on the way to reveal the aftermath of Eddie’s death, Max’s ambiguous fate, and Vecna’s win, although there are no details about when exactly that will be. For now, fans can watch and rewatch the first four seasons of Stranger Things with a Netflix subscription, and find more upcoming viewing options on our 2022 TV premiere schedule.

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