Teen Wolf Ending: Tyler Posey Reveals Why Big Movie Moment Was ‘Necessary’

Major SPOILERS are ahead for the ending of Teen Wolf: The Movie, now streaming with a Paramount+ subscription

I should have prepared myself for this, but I was absolutely shocked when the big death happened on Teen Wolf: The Movie. I guess I should have known the franchise would raise the stakes for its big return since the 2017 finale, but killing off Tyler Hoechlin’s Derek Hale? What!?! After seeing the jaw-dropping ending to the film, CinemaBlend caught up with Tyler Posey about his thoughts on the big moment. 

Tyler Posey's Scott McCall and Tyler Hoechlin’s Derek Hale began and now end this werewolf journey together after over a decade as brothers in real life (figuratively) and on the series. Here is what Posey shared with us regarding the moment: 

It definitely hit me. I loved Derek and Scott loves Derek and they've gone through the weirdest with each other. But, you know, at the same time, I think it's one of those things that's necessary for us to do because I love relating to the fans and our show does a really good job at that. And, everyone has lost a loved one before. So Derek is by far one of the most loved and cherished characters of our show and having that dynamic just really makes our show and movie really relatable. It's sad of course, but also beautiful. There's silver linings to it. I felt like it was necessary, but I miss him. I miss the big bastard.

Posey was struck by the decision as well, but ultimately called it something that was “necessary” to the story Teen Wolf: The Movie sought to tell. As the actor said, everyone has lost a loved one in one way or another, and people will be able to relate to the moment (sans all the supernatural werewolf stuff). Even so, RIP Derek Hale! 

Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale in Teen Wolf

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The movie’s death was made more emotional by the fact that Derek Hale has a teen son/werewolf of his own that he won’t get to watch grow up. As Teen Wolf: The Movie came to an end though, it seems like Scott and some of his other buds in the show will help Eli with his wolf growing pains and life in Beacon Hills. 

Teen Wolf was Hoechlin first major role that put the actor on the map, but he’s since become the CW’s Superman and is set to reprise the role in Superman and Lois' coming third season. At least the actor’s presence in the movie allowed fans to get some closure about his character. Not all of the Teen Wolf cast decided to return for the movie. For example, Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles Stilinski is nowhere to be found in Teen Wolf: The Movie following a “difficult decision” from the actor not to reprise the role, and Arden Cho reportedly turned down returning due to a pay dispute, per The Cut

On the other hand, if there’s something else we learned from Teen Wolf: The Movie, it’s that dead characters don’t have to stay dead. The major premise of it was Allison Argent being revived after dying back in Season 3 and rekindling her romance with Scott. It’s a bit of an eye for an eye in that regard, but hey, they’re werewolves dealing with some pretty evil forces. If one was going to die, at least Derek Hale got a touching round of last moments. 

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