The Biggest Lesson Pretty Smart’s Gregg Sulkin Has Learned From Working On Multi-Cam Sitcoms

Netflix’s Pretty Smart features an upbeat cast of comedic performers, which includes the talented Gregg Sulkin. The British actor has been working within the comedy world for some time now, and he continues to find different ways to diversify his approach to the comedy genre. Over the years, he’s especially done quite a bit of work within the world of multi-cam sitcoms. So at this point, Sulkin’s picked up a thing or two from his time in this realm of entertainment, and he recently opened up to us about the biggest lesson he’s learned.

On the Netflix series, Gregg Sulkin plays the role of Grant, the good-looking and kind-hearted ex-boyfriend and current roommate of Olivia Macklin’s Claire, who soon becomes good friends with her sister, Chelsea (played by Emily Osment). The character serves as a major source of comedy within the series, as his occasional misunderstandings can lead to some chuckle-worthy moments. But Sulkin isn’t all about getting the laughs for himself. When I asked the actor about the biggest lesson he’s learned from multi-cam sitcoms, he explained that it’s important for one to remember that they’re part of a unit:

I think to make sure that you have a good team spirit, especially on a multi-cam, because you're all out there. It's tough to explain, but, you're out there, you can't hide, and you've got to have each other's backs. And so sometimes, it's not your joke, but you need to make sure that you're delivering your line to tee up somebody’s joke, so they can go and knock it out of the park. So it's sort of like, I think the biggest sort of lesson I've learned is that it's a team effort. And when it's not your joke, you still need to put 100% of effort in, to make sure that somebody else is able to express themself and excel. … Basically, put 100% effort in at all times. There's cameras everywhere. And yeah, just just go in it with a team team spirit.

It’s no surprise that the star would understand the value of teamwork, given his body of work. Many Disney Channel aficionados likely remember that he once played resident werewolf Mason Greyback on Wizards of Waverly Place. It was on that he mixed it up with stars like Selena Gomez and David Henrie. He’s also had guest spots on other notable comedies like Melissa & Joey and Young & Hungry, which coincidentally was headlined by Emily Osment. His work with ensemble casts has also extended to other genres through projects such as Marvel’s Runaways.

The team spirit the actor speaks of is likely the reason the cast of Pretty Smart have such nice chemistry. During our conversation, he went on to praise his co-stars and discuss the working environment they were able to establish:

And thankfully on this, we have [team spirit] in bucket loads. So I think that's why you see a really heartfelt, charming show, is because when we were doing it, it was a heartfelt, charming environment. And we loved it, so I think that's the biggest thing I've taken from it.

These are sweet sentiments and wise words from Gregg Sulkin. Funny enough, these almost sound like comments that would come from his character, who’s shown to be incredibly big on teamwork. This latest comedy is certainly another notch in Sulkin’s sitcom belt and, if the show returns for another season, it’ll be fun to see how he continues to develop the lovable Grant.

Pretty Smart is now streaming on Netflix (opens in new tab) and, be sure to check out our fall 2021 TV schedule for more info on the shows that are premiering and returning during this television season.

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