After The Masked Singer, Will Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Return To Television? Here’s What He Said

The Masked Singer said goodbye to a member of reality TV royalty recently, as Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson was revealed to be Season 6’s Mallard. The reveal was a pleasant surprise for fans of the Robertson family, especially since they aren’t on television as much as they once were. With that said, could this recent television stint be a sign of more efforts to come? 

I talked to Willie Robertson following the latest episode of The Masked Singer and wanted to know if more was in the cards for his TV comeback, as it were. While keeping things a bit cryptic and unofficial, Robertson noted that earlier in the year, he had no idea he was going to spend weeks singing in front of millions of people on Fox. In his words:

Well, I guess if you’d asked me back in the spring what was coming up, I wouldn’t have mentioned The Masked Singer. I didn’t see that one coming. So it was fun. It was fun to be back together and, ironically enough, it was on Wednesday night about the same time [Duck Dynasty aired], so it was kind of cool we were all gathered back up in the living room watching someone on TV from the family. You never know. We’re kind of open to what’s next. My personal family has gotten so much bigger, and I have grandkids now. It’s just a lot of things different. A lot of the different family members have different projects and podcasts, and I just started my own YouTube channel, so I’m gonna put some stuff out.

Willie Robertson will certainly be busy populating his YouTube channel with new videos, but as mentioned, he’s open to hearing out any opportunities that come up in the future. Of course, we can only begin to speculate on what that could mean if the right project came along, but the fact that he’s willing to entertain the topic should be enough for Duck Dynasty fans excited about the prospect of watching Robertson and his ever-growing family yet again.

Whatever happens, don't be surprised if The Masked Singer ends up having some inspirational impact on Willie Robertson's professional future. He confessed that he’s feeling good after how he performed on the Fox competition series, so there’s a chance that he could find a way to incorporate musical performances into whatever new projects he works on next. 

Yeah, we’ll see what happens and where we go and whether singing will be a part of that or not. I guess I’ve got a newfound confidence in that, so we’ll see where it goes.

Willie Robertson’s stint on The Masked Singer was impressive, especially given the guesses the panel gave when trying to figure out his identity. The panel guessed country stars like Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton, when all along it was one of the guys from Duck Dynasty wearing that duck costume. Compliments like that will make anyone not known for their singing feel a little better about their talents and perhaps even optimistic about making live performances a legitimate part of their already successful career. 

The Masked Singer airs over on Fox on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Continue to tune in week to week as Season 6 continues to see which contestant will win this season, and which panelist will take home the Golden Ear trophy!

Mick Joest
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