The Hardy Boys Cast Tells Us What To Be Excited For In Season 2

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There’s nothing quite like an adaptation of a classic book series with a modern twist, and that’s exactly what Hulu delivered with the first season of The Hardy Boys back in 2020. Now, after more than a year of fans waiting to find out what would come next for Frank and Joe Hardy and the rest of their friends, Season 2 has arrived on the streaming service as a returning show. If you haven’t checked it out yet, the cast has shared with CinemaBlend what to be excited about with the second season.

After the first season of The Hardy Boys – which was eventful, to say the very least – the show picks up with Frank (played by Rohan Campbell) and Joe (Alexander Elliot) returning to their detective work after the disappearance of a classmate in Bridgeport, and it turns out that relic from the previous year is still in the mix. They don’t have all the time in the world to connect the dots and solve the mystery, but they have their friends to help. 

Luckily for fans, the cast playing the Hardy boys and other key characters opened up about Season 2. They visited CinemaBlend’s TV suite at WonderCon in Anaheim, California, and explained what everybody should be excited about:

  • Alexander Elliot (Joe Hardy): "It's so much bigger and better than Season 1. You don't even know. Like I couldn't put it into (words) just how fantastic this is."
  • Riley O’Donnell (Biff Hooper): "If you like Season 1, you will love Season 2. For sure."
  • Cristian Perri (Phil Cohen): "The stakes are a lot higher. There’s a lot more action. Definitely growth. It's just, it's crazy."

For the titular Hardy boys and their friends trying to solve the mysteries of Season 2, “crazy” and higher stakes may not be good news, but it qualifies as great news for fans who loved Season 1 and are ready for more of what made the show so binge-worthy the first time around. These three actors had nothing but promising words for what the show delivers in Season 2, and rank The Hardy Boys among the best shows on Hulu.

It sounds like nobody is exactly safe with this new mystery, and what that means for the heroes of The Hardy Boys is definitely worth getting excited about. The show is going in its own direction from the source material while still honoring the book series of the same name that launched in the 1920s, which is only fitting for 2022 and was clearly a hit with fans since it earned a second season of mystery and adventure. 

Those three actors weren’t the only ones with high praise for the new episodes, but some others took a different approach to explaining why Season 2 is exciting: 

  • Krista Nazaire (Belinda Conrad): "It's also good for the whole family. I think there are elements for the older generation who grew up on the Hardy boys novels. And there's also elements that are modernized for the younger kids who are now being introduced to the Hardy boys. It's a family affair."
  • Rohan Campbell (Frank Hardy): "Come be part of the gang. Come hang out with us and take the journey with us."
  • Adam Swain (Chet Morton): "Yeah. Solve the mystery with us, because no one can stand the unknown."

Considering that the Hardy Boys books have been printing in some form or other going back to 1927, it’s safe to say that Krista Nazaire’s comment about the “older generation” who grew up with the novels definitely applies to some of the audience for the Hulu show. And the especially good news is that viewers can take advantage of Rohan Campbell’s invitation to “be part of the gang” now with a Hulu subscription. 

Season 2 of The Hardy Boys is available on Hulu now, with all episodes for your viewing pleasure rather than released weekly. The format of adapting a classic novel series for television has been adopted by The CW as well, with its Nancy Drew series (with the first three seasons now for HBO Max subscribers), but there’s nothing quite like The Hardy Boys available streaming, so be sure to check it out! 

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