The Reason Bob’s Burgers Decided Not To Make The Belchers Cannibals

Bob’s Burgers has been going strong on Fox for nearly 12 seasons. So strong, in fact, that The Bob’s Burgers Movie will be in theaters everywhere on May 27. The animated TV show is a rather wholesome look at a sometimes dysfunctional family who work together to run the titular restaurant. However, as diehard fans are likely aware, the premise of the show was almost very different. Creator Loren Bouchard revealed in 2016 that Bob's Burgers was initially pitched as a family of cannibals who are using human meat in their burgers. This obviously did not come to fruition, and in a recent interview with CinemaBlend, Bouchard revealed exactly why they ended up scrapping the idea. 

I caught up with the cast and crew to discuss the upcoming film, the show’s legacy and all things Bob’s Burgers. Upon mentioning that I couldn't help but imagine what the film would have been like with that darker element in play, Loren Bouchard revealed that he believes they’re better off without it:

I think the way I would say it is kind of to writers. I would say if you have an idea, let's say a family that runs a restaurant just as an example, and then you think it's not enough… What if they grind up human flesh in the basement to make burgers? They’re Sweeney Todd or they're Dexter and they're righting some wrong? Everyone who gets eaten deserves it. But here's what I would say: You don't need it. And I'm very glad that the network and the studio saw all that was there. They said, You've got this great cast because we had already cast it. You've got this great premise. Why do you need the cannibals? They said you're going to have to murder so many people. They pointed out that the show was already there.

Loren Bouchard is also a co-writer and co-director on The Bob's Burgers Movie, so he’s obviously very close to the material. It makes sense to say that the show had enough elements to survive on its own without the dark twist, as it has some pretty impressive voice talent. Aside from the plethora of comedy legends Bob's Burgers often has guest starring, the primary cast is amazing, boasting one of the biggest voice actors of our time and Archer himself, H. Jon Benjamin. Let's also not forget the hilarious Kristen Schaal, who has managed to hang on to this gig for 12 seasons despite her experience working over at South Park.

Loren Bouchard even went on to say that he leaned on the incredible cast for the “edge” he initially thought he needed:

You think you need an angle, you need an edge, you need some dark edge, but you don't. You really don't. Let it come through in a line read. Let it be Jon Benjamin's deep, dark depths of his soul that quietly come out when he goes, “Oh, my God.” Let that be your dark edge. Not not necessarily cannibalism.

Bob’s Burgers is nearing the end of Season 12 on Fox. To find out how you can see it and what comes next, check out our list of 2022 TV premiere dates. As for The Bob’s Burgers Movie, it’s receiving some pretty solid reviews, and you can see it on May 27. While you’re at it, check out our handy list of 2022 movie releases to see what else is coming to a theater near you. 

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