The Unexpected Scene That Gave Home Sweet Home Alone’s Archie Yates A ‘Lifelong Phobia’

Jojo Rabbit’s Archie Yates is the star of a Home Alone movie, which means the young actor obviously got into some antics on the set of the new Disney+ release. For the holiday movie, his character, Max Mercer, defends his house from a couple, but before danger strikes, he gets to enjoy himself with unsupervised time on his own. While shooting the movie, one of Yates’ most difficult scenes was not what you’d expect. 

CinemaBlend spoke to Archie Yates during the Home Sweet Home Alone virtual press day alongside his mother in the movie, Aisling Bea. As the 12-year-old British star shared, one scene proved to be especially difficult due to some cultural differences between the U.S. and U.K.. As Yates shared: 

I call this the whipped cream Scarface scene. Basically, I’m wearing my dad’s clothes, I’m on his desk. I’ve got a mountain of M&M’s in front of me, I take a massive bite out of it and then I create a canister whipped cream sundae. So whipped cream in my mouth, sprinkles go on top. Only two problems. One, I don’t know how to use whipped cream canisters.

As Aisling Bea was quick to clear up in the video above, in much of Europe, kids don’t use whipped cream canisters to get their sugar fix. The actress explained: 

Even in Ireland, we actually go to the fields and put the cream in front of us and really give it 17 hours and that’s really how you really make cream in Ireland…. I get all my friends together and we all ran around really fast in a circle to get the whip cream, but basically he had to do it loads of times because he didn’t know how to shake the canister.

You’d think that putting together those insane traps or his mento bomb experiment might have been more involved, but for Archie Yates, he couldn’t figure out how to work that cursed whipped cream canister he uses to thrust a ton of cream in his mouth in one montage early in the film. Yates said this: 

I got like a lifelong phobia of whipped cream.

It’s a pretty funny behind-the-scenes element of Home Sweet Home Alone that one wouldn’t expect as you watch the movie to have been a more difficult moment, but hey, Archie Yates crushed that scene. We would have never known it took him a load of tries to get the whipped cream in his mouth for his sundae. 

Part of me thinks the Brit kids are missing out on a childhood pleasure of the whipped cream in the mouth trick that is certainly a tradition for many over the holidays, but then again, homemade whipped cream that is created with a lot of love and care sounds absolutely amazing. It’s a funny quirk about the making of Home Sweet Home Alone, and hey, now we know! 

The movie dropped on Disney+ this past weekend and retells the famed plotline originally made famous in the 1990 film when Malcaulay Culkin’s Kevin McCallister was left behind for Christmas vacation. The movie adds some winks to the original through some new information about Kevin and a ton of fun references and jokes based on the classic. Check out more popular Christmas movies streaming now here on CinemaBlend. 

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