The Valuable Advice Sarah Michelle Gellar Gave The Wolf Pack Cast While Working On Set

For a generation of supernatural TV fans, Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a symbol of girl power in a male-dominated landscape of badass leading characters. Twenty years after putting away Buffy’s Mr. Pointy, the actress returns to television to take on another supernatural creature for Wolf Pack alongside a cast of newcomer actors who got to work alongside the star and producer. (Lucky them!) When CinemaBlend spoke to the Wolf Pack cast, they shared their positive experiences working with the former teen idol. 

The new series follows a pair of teens who get bitten by werewolves and a pair of siblings who’ve secretly been the creature for some time, and how they come together to form a wolf pack. Armani Jackson, who plays Everett, one of the characters who gets bitten in the first episode now streaming with a Paramount+ subscription, spoke to working with Sarah Michelle Gellar with these words: 

I feel like we're always absorbing stuff from her when she's on set. Her energy is just so good. So whenever she's around, I feel like it's a better day on set. She's always super positive… She definitely set the tone on set just positivity wise. And also she set the tone of, just because you guys are young doesn't mean that you guys have to let people walk over you. Like you guys are strong leading adults now and she made sure that we know that she wants us to be comfortable the whole ride.

Sarah Michelle Gellar brought great energy on set, per our interview with the Wolf Pack cast. The actress famously dealt with issues behind-the-scenes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, previously speaking to wishing she could have “done things differently,” but she didn’t know “how to handle the stress” she was under at the time. Gellar was on the series in her early twenties, and as her husband and fellow actor, Freddie Prinze Jr. recently explained, she has to “deal with a lot of bullshit” on Buffy

Thankfully, Gellar can take her decades of experience these days to the set of Wolf Pack. The actress shared with CinemaBlend that she has been able to apply what she's learned in the past to help create a “better experience” this time around and made sure she got her voice “heard” in terms of the story. Tyler Lawrence Gray, who plays one werewolf named Harlan had this to say about Gellar: 

So much, I mean, not only the proper etiquette to present yourself on set, but also just how to carry herself as a person. She is someone who everyone views as an icon and she never let it get to her head. She has a family outside of this, and yet she still comes back to do it for the fans and she does it for the art as well. And, she taught us so much just even outside of like, you know, acting tips and stuff like that. Just how to carry ourselves as a person and just how to like, really like to treat people around you if you want to, if we want to continue to do what we love.

Chloe Rose Robertson, who plays Harlan’s sister Luna also jumped in. Here’s what she shared: 

And, she's so good. Like, she's so good when she's acting. It's not only the fact that we had a like second mother on set with us, like teaching us, you know, all the things Tyler just so talented touched on, but watching her perform, it's just so cool for us. We just are so grateful that we're even presented with this opportunity to watch her in this space and then to also act beside her, and with her. And, that makes us feel so rewarded and just very grateful.

The cast had such sweet things to say about their co-star and producer on Wolf Pack. The series was created by Teen Wolf’s creator Jeff Davis, who is also reviving his famed werewolf series with Teen Wolf: The Movie, which premiered on the same day as Wolf Pack. You can check out both werewolf titles on Paramount+ right now. 

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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