The Wilds Cast Tease A ‘Massive’ Season 3 Following Major Finale Cliffhanger

SPOILERS are ahead for The Wilds Season 2, now streaming with an Amazon Prime subscription. 

The debut season of The Wilds ended on a high note, as we learned that the girls had been the subjects of a social experiment while on the island, and there was an island somewhere where teen boys were going through similar traumatic experiences of plane crashing on a mysterious island. After getting to know the boys this season, Season 2 ended with the two islands colliding and being stuck on one together. Time to start our countdown to Season 3, I guess. The Wilds cast are certainly already starting the clock. 

When CinemaBlend spoke to the cast of the Amazon Prime series inspired by the success of Lost, they shared their intrigue for a new season following its big cliffhanger. Mia Healey, who plays Shelby, said this: 

[Season 3] really excites me. That is like, 'Okay, this is a whole different ball game now.' And also, we have the whole bunker, you know? We're not just on the island anymore. So these guys are in their sweats in this bunker, like investigating the whole thing and working together. It's gonna be huge if we do Season Three, obviously. That would be huge.

Erana James, who plays Shelby’s enemy-to-lover Toni, echoed Healey’s excitement for Season 3. She said this:  

And like the new dynamics between the two islands and seeing what we learn from each other and who the troublemakers are gonna be. And you know, like it's, I mean I'm thinking about the writers and I'm like, you have such a tall order and such a massive task. Like I can't even imagine what direction it's gonna go.

It’s true that if Season 3 does get picked up by Amazon Prime, there’s going to be a lot of wheels turning for the creators. In Season 1, we learned about the girls on their island and in Season 2, the women skipped out on flashback time as the series turned attention to the male cast’s stories. Tanner Ray Rook, who played Bo in Season 2, shared his thoughts: 

I'm just really excited to see all of our dynamics together, because like the biggest thing about filming Season 2, that I was just upset about was that we're hanging out with the girls cast, but we're not acting with them. And it's just like, oh, I wanna act with you. That's all I was thinking about. But, I'm really just excited to see Scotty and Bo in particular, but just like all the boys interacting with the girls and having it just be kind of awkward, like, 'Uh, okay. Hi.' [Laughs] A lot of that.

It’s definitely something to think about. How will The Wilds change when it’s coed? Rook recalled filming their scenes with the female cast on set but not interacting with them in front of the camera. It sounds like they got to know each other already, but how will each of the characters get along? There’s sure to be new friendships, romances, and more dark backstories coming to a head. Nicholas Coombe, who had the darkest storyline in Season 2 as Josh, had this to say: 

I think a lot of Josh's journey in the world happened specifically on the island. So I'm really excited to see where he ends up in the future, kind of based on his experience there. I feel like we kind of got a bit of a tease on where Josh is heading, but I'm really excited to see where we go with that.

Josh was sexually assaulted on the island in Season 2, with Seth revealed to be an operative who it looks like will continue to work with Gretchen from the island. (You can check out more of the cast’s thoughts on Season 3 in the above video). 

Of course it’ll be even bigger if Season 3 happens, but for the moment we don’t know its future just yet. Will The Wilds be the next 2022 cancelled series or once again be renewed? We’ll keep you updated here on CinemaBlend. 

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