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Adam Sandler Drained A Shot Off A Balcony, Proving Yet Again He's A Skilled Basketball Player

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Adam Sandler’s love of comedy has been more than apparent over the course of his illustrious career. In the midst of that though, some fans may have noticed that he also has an affinity for sports, particularly basketball. Not only has he inserted the game into some of his films but, once in a while, he’ll also hoop it up a bit during his spare time. On rare occasions, he’ll even play a pick-up game with fans. Sandler’s latest b-ball endeavor saw him attempt an even greater feat, however. The actor and comedian took a shot from a balcony… and skillfully drained it!

It’s honestly pretty impressive how the Sandman finds new ways to prove that he’s a pretty skilled basketball player. After this latest video, which was posted to Instagram, we’ll probably hear a little bit of bragging from the star. Yet can we really blame him after sinking a shot like that? Check it out for yourself in the post down below:

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Sports fans certainly have seen NBA greats like Michael Jordan and LeBron James pull off some amazing shots over the years. Even actors like Keanu Reeves have shown some amazing b-ball skills. But I'd say that Adam Sandler certainly has the leg up over many of his Hollywood peers. And if you need to be convinced of how good he is on the court, check out the mixtape down below:

The star has found some nice ways to integrate the sportl into some of his projects over the years. For instance, in 2010’s Grown Ups, his character, along with his childhood friends, played on a basketball team in their youth. And the film ultimately ended with the group playing a game against their former rivals. 

And of course, we can’t ignore the heavy influence the sport has on the acclaimed Uncut Gems. The film partially revolves around the 2012 NBA Playoffs and even features hall of famer Kevin Garnett (who was a Boston Celtic during that season) in a supporting role. It should also be mentioned that even the film itself has the intense energy that’s usually present within basketball games. 

The sport will be the driving force behind Adam Sandler’s upcoming Netflix movie, Hustle. In it, he portrays a former basketball scout who brings an international prospect over to the states to play in the NBA. And in the process, the agent hopes to rejuvenate his own career. The film also features Queen Latifah and Robert Duvall, while Sandler serves as a producer alongside LeBron James

This probably won’t be the last time we see Adam Sandler with a basketball in his hands, and I’m personally ready to see how he plans to top that balcony shot. He’s still got plenty of energy in him to pull off something great yet, when he plays, I would recommend icing up those knees for good measure.

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