After Gilbert Gottfried’s Funeral, Sarah Silverman And More Sit Shiva In ‘Star-Studded Event’

Gilbert Gottfried on Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Many were saddened this past week when it was reported that stand-up comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried died at the age of 67. After the news broke, many within Hollywood, especially members of the comedy community like Jon Stewart and Seth MacFarlane, have paid tribute to the fan-favorite comic. The star’s funeral was reportedly held this past week, with a number of notable entertainers in attendance. And after the service, it seems that  Sarah Silverman and more sat shiva in what’s been referred to as a “star-studded” event. 

Gilbert Gottfried was laid to rest in Westchester, New York this past Thursday, and Colin Quinn, Susie Essman and Paul Shaffer were among those in attendance. Veteran comedian Jeff Ross was also there and had the honor of eulogizing his longtime friend. Ross reflected on the along, with the shiva, during an interview with People:

The shiva tonight will be a star-studded event and the funeral was just absolutely perfect. Gilbert would have loved it. I saw so many great comics there paying their respects.

In Jewish culture, shiva is a grieving period for first degree-relatives of the deceased. Translated as “sitting shiva” in English, it lasts one week following the burial of a loved one and provides the family with time to reflect on the loss and share in their grief with others. So it’s sweet to hear that Sarah Silverman, Jeff Ross and others were present to provide comfort to their late friend’s relatives. Though Ross found the funeral to be an emotional experience, he does feel a bit of “relief” knowing that his buddy is at peace:

It was cathartic but there was also a sense of relief. As I said at the funeral, Gilbert had been sick, he was tired, and he had perfect timing. He knew it was his time to get off the stage.

Gilbert Gottfried’s exact cause of death has not been given though, in his family’s official statement, it was said that he passed away after a “long illness.” Those who’ve paid tribute to him have made note of his signature humor, which was almost always crude and edgy (as well as funny). And of course, many also remember the loud, screeching voice he used in his many performances. Disney fans, for one, know that he famously used those vocals while recording lines for Aladdin, in which he played the sarcastic parrot Iago. And plenty have been referencing the lovable bird while sharing their remembrances of Gottfried. 

Amid the sea of tributes, something fans have also taken note of is a photo that was posted by the late Beverly Hills Cop II alum a few months ago. The image shows him alongside Bob Saget, who passed away in January at age 65, and Louie Anderson, who died the same month at 68. The image was emotional enough at the time, but it definitely holds greater meaning now. 

If there’s anything we’ve seen in the past few months, it’s that the comedy world honors its fallen members in heartwarming ways. So it's wonderful to see that Jeff Ross, Sarah Silverman and others are extending this same love to Gilbert Gottfried and his family during this time.

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