Amazon Jeff Bezos Responded After The Internet Joked About Leonardo DiCaprio Stealing His Girlfriend

Jeff Bezos and Leonardo DiCaprio
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Many people would likely agree that Leonardo DiCaprio is still one of the most desirable men in all of Hollywood. Over the course of his career, he’s endeared himself to fans all around the world and has built quite a solid following. And as you’d expect, he does quite well with the ladies. The public knows this very well, so many were quick to share jokes when he was recently seen chatting with Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend, who seemed entranced by the actor. Now, following the Internet’s jokes about DiCaprio stealing his girlfriend, Bezos has issued a humorously dark response. 

The Amazon founder and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, attended the 10th Annual LACMA ART+FILM GALA at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art this past weekend. Many of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest seemed to be in attendance, and it was during the event that Sanchez met the Titanic star. In the video clip that shows their encounter, one can see the excited woman chatting up the star, as her boyfriend initially looks ready to move on. After seeing the clip for himself, the corporate titan took to his Twitter account to send a faux threatening reply: 

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It looks like Jeff Bezos simply wants to spend some quality time with the actor… in a wooded area… with a massive drop… while there’s no one around. Doesn’t sound suspicious at all, right? But in all seriousness, it seems Bezos is only having a bit of wicked fun with the star and surely doesn’t have any hard feelings about the viral clip. 

Regardless, some social media users couldn’t help but chime in on the funny moment, with some even speculating about how the former Amazon CEO would react. One user answered the question using one of the most popular Leonardo DiCaprio memes on the web. Check it out down below:

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Such a thing wouldn’t actually happen, mind you. Though it’s hard to deny that any such action would be hilariously petty. And it would also be somewhat cruel, given how much people have subscriptions and use the site faithfully. I mean, I’d be somewhat hurt if I suddenly lost access to some of my favorite shows on Prime Video.

Of course, Jeff Bezos seems to have other things on his plate at the moment that don’t involve any sort of true viral vengeance. For example, he went to space this past summer and is currently looking at ways to expand Blue Origin, his sub-orbital spaceflight service. He has, however, been finding some downtime, which he’s apparently used to check out Netflix’s Squid Game

I’d say things are pretty square between the two men, though I would love to see Leonardo DiCaprio’s reaction to the viral clip and the exec’s response. It’s very likely they’ll cross paths again, though and, if (or when) they do, they’ll surely have a good laugh about their past encounter.

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