Amber Heard Has Reportedly Been Living Quietly In Spain For Months Under A Terrific Pseudonym

Johnny Depp has been making a lot of appearances and headlines since his much-publicized defamation trial ended, but Amber Heard has largely stayed out of the spotlight, save a social media post and some behind the scenes shake-ups with her lawyers, which were widely covered by the media. That lack of publicity has left many wondering what she’s been doing. Well, it turns out she’s reportedly been living quietly in Spain under a pretty terrific pseudonym.

Over the last few days, reports have started emerging that she’s been renting a house in a small town in Mallorca. We won’t share the specific location for privacy reasons, but it reportedly has less than 2,000 residents. There, she’s reportedly renting a mansion that was recently listed for 2.8 million Euros but was taken off the market when she moved in. According to El Mundo, the name listed on the house until recently was Martha Jane Cannary. 

If that sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because it’s the real name of Wild West legend Calamity Jane. The frontierswoman and gun expert was close to Wild Bill Hickok and after a long career gunslinging and getting up to wild adventures, she eventually toured with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and made appearances around the country. Throughout her life, she charted her own course and did things her own way, even as others gossiped about and second guessed her choices. To this day, there are still conflicting reports about whether she was a hero or a villain, a drunk or a saint, a truth teller or an exaggerator. 

Amber Heard has been living in the property, which is reportedly owned by a politician recently released from prison, for months. She’s apparently been getting along very well with the locals and speaks “Spanish with a Mexican accent.” Many neighbors and residents of the town have been interviewed in recent days and haven’t said much, wanting to respect her privacy. Those who have talked, from what I’ve seen, have all shared positive stories of her interacting with the other parents, being friendly while shopping at the markets and taking her daughter to play in a nearby park.

The quiet life is quite the departure from the chaos she was in earlier this year during the latest legal proceedings as part of the ongoing fallout from her marriage to Johnny Depp. The couple, who were only married from 2015 to 2017, have been in and out of court for years related to first the divorce and later, an op-ed she wrote about being a victim of abuse. 

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star sued for defamation, claiming he didn’t abuse her, and the ensuing trial was front page news everyday. A variety of allegations were thrown from both sides, ranging from substance abuse to domestic violence to intentionally pooping in the bed. A jury eventually found mostly in favor of Johnny Depp, though the verdict is being appealed.

It’s unclear what, if anything, all this press about her location may change for Heard. She hasn’t spoken about whether she intends to stay in Spain long-term, nor is it clear if any further litigation with Depp will involve her direct presence. Her next blockbuster film, Aquaman 2, was recently delayed and is now scheduled to be released on Christmas Day 2023. 

Mack Rawden
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