Are Shailene Woodley And Aaron Rodgers Actually Broken Up?

Shailene Woodley in The Fallout and Aaron Rodgers on Jeopardy, pictured side by side.
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With actor Shailene Woodley and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers apparently breaking up their engagement, the two never quite crossed into the endzone in their relationship. It’s only been a couple of days, but we’ve already seen the NFL player respond with heartfelt Instagram posts and more. However, a recent media appearance by Rodgers has people wondering if he and Woodley have somehow reconciled. So are they broken up, or what? 

You can thank Aaron Rodgers’ recent live appearance on The Pat McAfee Show for this torrent of speculation, as two huge hints apparently presented themselves during this interview. The first, and greatest indication was how Rodgers, also known for recently guest hosting Jeopardy, spoke about his relationship with Shailene Woodley very candidly and kindly. Talking about home life/work life balance with McAfee, Rodgers made the following observation: 

I was teasing with Matt before when I mentioned in my speech that three years together, two MVPs there’s no coincidences. And I also was telling Shai, I’ve been with you for two seasons and won two MVPs, like, that’s not a coincidence either and I mean that. When your home life is stable and you have an amazing partner to do life with, it just makes the work life a bonus... how much more fun can I have at work now, now that the stress of personal life stuff is out of there?

Here’s where things get even more interesting, as Aaron Rodgers’ words aren’t the only supposed evidence that he and his fianceé are back together. Allegedly, if you listen close enough to the audio from Rodgers’ appearance above, you can hear a woman laughing in the background. If the stans on Twitter stoking the fires for a reunion are to be believed, it’s Shailene Woodley herself that’s behind this supposed chuckle.

Look, even if the rumors were true, there could be plenty of reasons that Rodgers and Woodley might be hanging out with one another. They could still be friendly or one or more of the two of them could be trying for a reconciliation. Potentially, the pair could be standing down their relationship through a measured process of separation, so as not to just rip the band aid off after almost two years. 

The reason the two supposedly broke off their engagement was Aaron Rodgers’ reported devotion to football over his lady love. So, really, there doesn’t seem to be any ill will being harbored by either half of the couple. 

Then again, the man has clearly expressed he’s not done with football, and that apparently had a consequence for his personal life. Of course, if the fans are right in their assumptions, maybe Woodley’s supposed dissolution of their relationship has made Rodgers rethink life a bit. Maybe we've seen the beginnings of a triumphant reunion, or perhaps we've just seen two evolved adults supporting each other in the wake of a bittersweet parting. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. 

At the moment, you can see Shailene Woodley in the HBO Max original film The Fallout; which is one of many upcoming projects on her slate. Some of those films might even find themselves added to the ever expanding docket of upcoming movies set to debut in 2022.

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