Armie Hammer Has Seemingly Shut Down Those Cayman Islands Rumors In A Big Way

Armie Hammer in Sorry to Bother You
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Armie Hammer’s been back in the news lately, though not for his acting work, but for another line of work he’s allegedly doing these days. Earlier this month, a flyer was shared on social media advertising the Call Me By Your Name actor as giving tours at a hotel in the Cayman Islands. It was later reported that he’s been selling timeshares in the Caymans, but now Hammer is seemingly shutting down these rumors by showing himself out in public in the United States.

Following one of Armie Hammer’s attorneys, Andrew Brettler, claiming that the flyer that circulated on social media was fake, and an unnamed employee from the hotel in question saying that it was made as a prank, the Sorry to Bother You star was photographed outside of the Great White restaurant in the Venice area of Los Angeles on Monday. According to an eyewitness who spoke with E! News, Hammer was hugging a friend before going to lunch in Venice Beach. The actor was wearing a blue graphic T-shirt, rolled up grey pants and brown flip-flops.

So clearly Armie Hammer doesn’t have any trouble making his way back to the United States from the Cayman Islands, and between being seen in public in Los Angeles and that hotel flyer supposedly being fake, this might be his attempt to debunk the rumors that have been circulating around him lately. That said, just because Hammer has been seen in LA doesn’t necessarily mean he hasn’t been working in the hotel industry. According to a report from last week, Hammer has been a “personal concierge” at the aforementioned hotel because “he’s totally broke, and is trying to fill the days and earn money to support his family.” A separate report alleged that that Hammer has been financially “cut off” from his father, businessman Michael Armand.

These recent updates concerning Armie Hammer arrive over a year and a half after he was hit with sexual abuse allegations from multiple women. This led to the actor dropping out of projects like Jennifer Lopez’s Shotgun Wedding and keeping a low profile for a while. Hammer also spent several months at a treatment center in Orlando, Florida, which Robert Downey Jr., who’s gone through addiction recovery, reportedly paid for, as well as provided additional financial assistance to Hammer. As for why Hammer has specifically been in the Cayman Islands, it’s to be close to his ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers and their two children.

Should Armie Hammer decide to provide an outright comment about whether or not he’s been working in the Cayman Islands, CinemaBlend will share what he had to say. For now, you can stream his latest film, Death on the Nile, with a Hulu subscription. Along with Josh Duhamel replacing Hammer on Shotgun Wedding, Hammer’s role in the Taika Waititi-helmed Next Goal Wins was taken over by Will Arnett during the reshoots.

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