The Real Reason Armie Hammer Is Allegedly Selling Timeshares In The Cayman Islands

screenshot Armie Hammer in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
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Armie Hammer has kept a relatively low profile since being at the center of a cannibal texting scandal and getting hit with sexual assault allegations. In recent weeks though, the actor has cropped up in the news again, due to a report that claimed he was giving tours in the Cayman Islands. The notion was initially disputed, but Hammer’s situation there was finally cleared up when it was confirmed that he is indeed working there and selling timeshares. Now, a new report includes claims regarding the real reason why he’s taken on this new and unexpected profession. 

It’s likely that Armie Hammer made a reasonable sum of cash while he was an actor. What some may not be aware of is the fact that the Call Me by Your Name alum also comes from a wealthy family. His father, Michael Armand Hammer, is a businessman who has more than a few lucrative enterprises. Those who are aware of the star’s background may have assumed that he’d continue to receive  support from his dad. Yet according to a source for People, that’s no longer the case: 

His dad won't help him anymore and he's been cut off, so he got to work.

According to the trade’s source, the actor “is currently selling timeshares because he needs the money.” The alleged lack of financial support from his family is a bit surprising but, when thinking about his circumstances of late, it would make a lot of sense. Not too Hollywood celebrities would choose to take that job unless they really had to.

Armie Hammer’s professional troubles began back in early 2021 after purported text messages from the actor were leaked online. Said texts detailed graphic sexual fantasies that involved cannibalistic practices. After the leaks, the Social Network star referred to the messages as “bull” around the same time that he bowed out of Jennifer Lopez’s Shotgun Wedding. Over a month later, Hammer was accused of sexual assault by a woman, who claimed that he had a “mental hold” over her that “was very damaging on many levels.” Following those allegations, Hammer dropped out of another movie, Cold War drama Billion Dollar Spy

By June 2021, the actor had entered a treatment program and reportedly had the support of his former wife, Elizabeth Chambers, at the time. The star reportedly left rehab months later and was said to be doing “really well” and had ventured back to the Cayman Islands with his family. This past week, it was alleged that Robert Downey Jr. played a role in the actor's rehab stint, as he was the one who reportedly paid for it. 

There’s been much speculation regarding whether it would actually be possible for Armie Hammer to return to Hollywood after everything that’s transpired. It’s hard to say whether that notion will come to fruition. But at the moment, it seems that Hammer’s gig in the Cayman Islands could carry on for the foreseeable future, especially if he truly isn’t receiving aid from his parents.

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