Bam Margera Broke Some Bones Skateboarding, And Won’t Be Using Pain Meds Due To His Recent Sobriety

Bam Margera in interview
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Bam Margera has seemingly not had a good time these past few years. Between being kicked out of Jackass Forever, suing his former franchise co-stars, and even being dragged to rehab by police, Margera has had quite the go of it. The former professional skateboarder has finally started turning things around and even recently reached a rehab milestone in his road to recovery. A testament to his dedication to his recent sobriety, Margera is reportedly forgoing pain meds after being hospitalized for some broken bones received from a skateboarding trick gone array. 

Having your life on display is tough, especially when you are working through an addiction. It’s easy to feel like your life is falling apart when the media is there to basically confirm it. That only makes it even more impressive and respectable that Bam Margera is now seemingly rededicated to his sobriety and turning things around, even refusing pain medications for a pretty painful injury.

Bam Margera reportedly spoke with TMZ after being released from the hospital for a dislocated elbow and broken wrist, the same wrist he has apparently broken 9 times before. According to the celebrity news outlet, the rebreak occurred in the midst of an AA meeting, with Margera going across the street to a skatepark to practice a trick during the meeting’s break period. 

Since Bam Margera is in active recovery, taking pain meds prescribed by doctors would be detrimental to his sobriety. The stuntman is seemingly dedicated to sticking to a clean life and will be fighting through the pain of the injury, as well as that of the addiction to remain on the up and up. It is commendable, and a good sign that even unexpected misfortunes such as a skateboarding injury can’t put much of a pin in his recovery.

Bam Margera has struggled with addiction for quite some time, and has even made a statement about his involvement with the Jackass franchise being the cause of his dependence on pain meds. It makes sense, as the whole cast of the Jackass franchise has sustained some pretty wild injuries, and Bam Margera is not the only cast member to have struggles with addiction and pain meds. 

Although Steve-O has been sober for over a decade, he had to forgo pain meds while filming Jackass Forever to ensure his continued sobriety. That’s pretty intense, considering Steve-O’s best stunt took place in the recent 2022 film, where he literally hung a colony of bees off his junk.

Kicking addiction is a serious matter, and it’s not easy. It’s very reasonable to believe that Bam Margera is dedicated to his sobriety and doing everything in his power to overcome his addiction. Both of his statements of first being at an AA meeting right before the injury occurred and then that he is heading into healing his new injury without any pain medications are evidence of his dedication. We wish him all the luck in his journey to recovery and will continue rooting for him.

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