After Jackass Forever Exit And Subsequent Lawsuit, Bam Margera Hits A Rehab Milestone

Bam Margera in interview
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It’s been a long road in recent years for Bam Margera. After being left out of the most recent Jackass movie, Margera actually sued the people behind the project. The reason for Margera being left out of the movie that became Jackass Forever was allegedly due to issues with substance abuse, but Margera seems to be on the road to a better place,  as he recently completed a 12-month program for drug and alcohol abuse. 

This certainly isn’t the end of the road for Bam Margera, addiction is a constant struggle, but completing a year long program is certainly an achievement. And there are benefits that come with this success. According to TMZ, Margera is now living near the rehab center in Boca Raton, Florida. Now that he is no longer staying at the center itself, he’s able to move in with his wife and child once again while he attends regular classes at the center. 

The road to this point wasn’t easy for Bam Margera. Her made headlines back in the fall when he fell off the wagon as it were and was returned to rehab in the back of a police car. The good news is that moment appears to have been an exception and Margera has otherwise put in the work to get himself better. 

It’s certainly good news to see that Bam is getting his life in order, especially considering everything that we’ve seen from him in the last couple of years. When it was revealed that Bam would not be part of the newest Jackass movie, he sued the production, claiming that he’d been coerced into signing a document which required his sobriety in order to participate in the movie. When that reportedly did not happen he was cut from the movie.

Exactly what happened with the lawsuit is unclear. It appears that Margera withdrew the suit following some sort of settlement, but exactly what that settlement was has not been revealed, and keeping the settlement sealed is likely part of the agreement, so it’s unlikely we’ll ever know what happened there. It does seem that Margera was happy with the result, so this chapter is likely closed. 

What the lawsuit ending and Margera’s sobriety milestone mean for his future from a professional standpoint is hard to say. Whether the bridges between him and the resort of the Jackass team have been permanently burned is difficult to know. Though considering some of the major names in Jackass, like Johnny Knoxville, were named in the suit, it would be understandable if there are grudges being held.

At worst, this should be a fresh start for all involved, and everybody can look toward the future. Not spending your days getting kicked in the junk isn’t the worst place to find yourself.  

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