Barbarian Cast: Where You've Seen The Actors Before

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When it comes to horror movies, this year has been filled with them. Indeed, the 2022 movie release schedule has been packed to the brim with some amazing additions to the world of horror, from the gory A24 flick, X, to The Black Phone, which added to the long list of amazing horror movies from Blumhouse Productions. And now, we’re about to get another horror entry from 20th Century Studios – Barbarian. 

The film, which has been highly anticipated all this year, is finally out in theaters for all to enjoy, and some of those cast members might be looking a little familiar to you. For those who are wondering exactly where they’ve seen the Barbarian cast before, here are some of their most-known projects. 

Georgina Campbell in Barbarian

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Georgina Campbell (Tess)

Starting off with the star that you’ve most likely seen in many other projects, we take a look at Georgina Campbell, who plays Tess in Barbarian. The actress has appeared in a variety of films and television series prior to her part in Barbarian. Some of her biggest film roles thus far have included playing Kay in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, as well as Fig in All My Friends Hate Me.

Campbell has appeared more in television. She had the recurring role of Whitney Landon in Sadie J, played Rochelle in the miniseries, One Night, Jasmine in After Hours, a detective in Broadchurch, and was even featured in the fantastic Black Mirror episode, “Hang the DJ.” Earlier in 2022, she was featured in the Apple TV+ miniseries, Suspicion. 

Justin Long in Barbarian.

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Justin Long (A.J.)

Moving on, we now take a look at Justin Long, who plays A.J. in Barbarian. Long is actually a horror movie veteran, and has been in movies such as the first Jeepers Creepers, which started a franchise, as well as Drag Me To Hell. However, Long has appeared in many other popular movies, ones that you’ll most certainly recognize. 

Some of his biggest roles have been in Dodgeball, Accepted, Idiocracy, Serious Moonlight, 10 Years, Comet, Dear David, and more. He also voiced Alvin in a series of Alvin and the Chipmunks movies. Long has also appeared in plenty of television as well. His biggest role was as Warren P. Cheswick in the TV series, Ed, and he voiced Kevin Murphy in F is for Family. 

Bill Skarsgard as Keith Toshko in Barbarian

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Bill Skarsgård (Keith)

Next up on the cast list for Barbarian is Bill Skarsgård, who plays Keith. If you recognize that name as a horror movie fan, you've got a good memory, as Skarsgård (at least to me) is horror movie royalty for his portrayal of modern horror movie villain, Pennywise, in both IT films, a role he is going to be reprising in a new prequel series, according to Variety

However, Skarsgård is a very talented actor and has done much more than just horror films. Some of his other big roles in movies include voicing Deviant Kro in Eternals, appearing in Simple Simon, The Divergent Series: Allegiant, the Charlize Theron-led spy thriller, Atomic Blonde, and the independent film, Nine Days, among others. 

He’s also had much success in television. He portrayed Roman Godrey in the horror series, Hemlock Grove, and several characters in Castle Rock (which was unfortunately cancelled, but I love it anyway). He also portrayed the main role of Clark Olofsson in the TV show, Clark, in 2022. 

Matthew Patrick Davis in Dwight in Shining Armor.

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Matthew Patrick Davis (The Mother)

Moving on, we take a look at the next cast member of Barbarian, Matthew Patrick Davis, who portrays The Mother. The actor has primarily played smaller roles in his time in Hollywood, but has appeared in several TV shows as a guest, including Days of Our Lives, Joan of Arcadia, Veronica Mars, Jane the Virgin, American Dad!, and more. He was also a recurring guest star on the fantasy comedy series, Dwight in Shining Armor.

Richard Brake in Peaky Blinders.

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Richard Brake (Frank)

Next up on the list, we have Richard Brake in the Barbarian cast, who plays Frank. Brake is also what you would consider horror royalty in my eyes, but not for his movies. While he may look different without all the makeup, Brake actually portrayed the ultimate villain, The Night King, for both Seasons 4 and 5 of Game of Thrones

However, he’s more than just that iconic villain, and Brake has done plenty in the world of movies and television. Some of his biggest parts in films have been in Batman Begins, 31, Mandy, Water for Elephants, Thor: The Dark World, The Death of Stalin, 3 From Hell, and more. Other than Game of Thrones, Brake has appeared in several television shows, including Peaky Blinders, Mob City, Ray Donavan, Cursed and others. 

Brake also had a guest role on the hit Disney+ original show, The Mandalorian, and also had a regular role on Absentia. 

Jaymes Butler on iCarly.

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Jaymes Butler (Andre)

Jaymes Butler is the next cast member of Barbarian to take a look at, and he plays Andre. For most of his career, Butler has been in supporting guest roles for many television shows and movies. Some of his biggest parts for television have been in iCarly, Special Unit, Southland, Missing, and NCIS

In terms of movies, a few of his supporting guest roles have been in big flicks such as Snowden, the first film in the Resident Evil film franchise, and more. 

Kurt Braunohler on The Good Place.

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Kurt Braunohler (Doug)

Last but not least, we take a look at Kurt Braunohler as part of the cast of Barbarian, who plays Doug. While he is primarily known for his comedy, Braunohler has been in many movies and TV shows. You may have seen his name several times on the hit TV show, Bob’s Burgers (which actually just got a movie in 2022), where he has voiced several characters throughout the series’ run. 

But, Braunohler has been in plenty of other TV shows as a guest star. Some of his biggest include The Good Place, American Housewife, Mr. Mayor, Lady Dynamite, Take My Wife, Gravity Falls, and more. 

He’s also had minor appearances in films like The Big Sick and Long Shot, as well as B-Roll. 

While the cast for Barbarian is small, in my personal opinion that usually indicates that a film is going to knock it out of the park. We can better focus on the characters, instead of keeping track of a large ensemble that many other movies tend to have. And I, for one, can’t wait to see what they all do next after this film’s release. Another horror movie, perhaps?  

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