X: The Most Intense And Scary Moments From The A24 Film

Owen Campbell, Brittany Snow, Mia Goth, Scott Mescudi, and Jenna Ortega carry equipment through a field in X.
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Let me tell you - I did not know what the heck I was getting myself into when I first watched the A24 horror film, X. 

While it starts off more as a slow-burn horror film, this movie starts to take a turn around the halfway mark and truly make you squeal in shock at what you are witnessing in front of you, from start to end. It was one of the first horror films in a couple of years that truly had me feeling unsettled the whole way through, and today, we’re going to go over my top nine moments from it that I just can’t get over. 

Spoilers ahead! 

Mia Goth in X.

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When Maxine Is First Being Watched In The Woods By Pearl

When I tell you I screamed.

I knew the moment that Maxine (played by Mia Goth) went into those woods, we were going to see something happen. It was the very beginning of X so I didn’t expect anyone to die instantly, but I knew there was going to just be something that would make my body shiver. 

And sure enough, there was, in the way background before Maxine jumped into the water - Pearl (also played by Mia Goth) was standing there far in the distance all menacingly before she vanished behind a tree. Ooh, boy. 

Mia Goth in X.

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When Maxine Is Followed By The Alligator

Okay, can we be honest right now? Why is it that horror movie characters always make such poor decisions? 

While even the king of horror himself, Stephen King, liked X, I can’t help but think about this scene and how stupid it was for Maxine to go into the river. I mean, you are in an unknown area and you don’t know what the heck is under the water and she thought it would be the loveliest time for a swim? Tell me where this makes sense, man. I am still so peeved about it. 

And then it goes and confirms my theory that the alligator was literally right after her before she yanked herself out of the water. Swear, I have never screamed harder at my television. 

Pearl before she kills RJ.

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When Pearl Kills RJ For Refusing Her Advances - And Dances Around His Body 

I have to admit - the fact that X’s Pearl is getting her own prequel is pretty cool because she’s one of the first horror movie characters I feel has some kind of strange backstory that I want to know, and that started with this. Pearl killing RJ (Owen Campbell) because he wouldn’t touch her was something that I was not expecting. 

I genuinely thought that Howard (Stephen Ure) was going to end up being the murderer at first but the fact that it started out with this frail grandma threw my head for a loop. 

Jenna Ortega in X.

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When Lorraine Discovers The Corpse In The Old Couple’s Basement

Then this scene made everything so much darker. In X, when Lorraine (played by Jenna Ortega) is trapped down in the basement of Howard’s home as she is looking for RJ, she discovers the corpse hanging down there, and if you connect the dots, the boy had the same face of the man that was featured on a milk carton we saw earlier in the film. 

Ortega’s scream is on par with some of the best scream queens out there, and the graphic-ness of the body is enough to make any horror fan turn away in disgust. Yuck. 

Jenna Ortega in X.

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When Howard Cuts Off Lorraine’s Fingers When She Tries To Escape

Another moment that had me squirming in my seat during X was when it looked as if Lorraine had finally found a way to escape, using an old axe to cut a way through the wooden door of the basement and reach for the lock, and Howard came out of nowhere and sliced off her fingers. 

It’s quick, painful, and followed by a scream that tears into your soul. It made me feel so bad for Lorraine - the poor girl was just dragged along into this because her boyfriend wanted to work on this film and now she’s paying the price. But damn, can Jenna Ortega act. 

Brittany Snow in X.

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When Pearl Pushes Bobby-Lynne Into The Pond - And She’s Eaten By The Alligator 

See I told you that the alligator would be something significant. 

In X, Bobby-Lynne (played by Brittany Snow) leaves the cabin they are staying in on the farm property to search for her boyfriend and comes across Pearl. After Pearl curses her out even though Bobby-Lynne tries to help her, Pearl pushes her into the lake. 

And instantly, Bobby-Lynne is consumed by alligators. It’s bloody, gross, and a slow-scene that has you on the edge of your seat until you see those last bubbles stop appearing and you know she’s gone. What makes it even worse is that Howard comes to Pearl’s side not that long after and is completely unfazed. Talk about a killer couple. 

Mia Goth in X.

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When Maxine Is Stuck Under The Bed During That Scene

Did anyone else feel so bad for Maxine in this scene? 

With all the murders going on in X, Howard and Pearl find private time in their cabin and end up getting intimate - all while Maxine, who is trying to hide from these two crazies, is underneath the bed and has to army-crawl her way out in order not to be seen by the two elders. It’s so uncomfortable and makes me squirm in every way possible. 

Jenna Ortega in X.

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When Lorraine Is Shot As Soon As She Escapes

Damn it, Lorraine, we were all rooting for you!

When Maxine finds a way to free Lorraine in X, Lorraine runs away, saying that she hates that she came here with them and hates everyone, understandably scared and wanting to leave. But as soon as Lorraine is out the door, she is shot. Instantly. 

And I don’t just mean shot. I mean shot, as in her whole entire head was destroyed with gunshot bullets and all that was left was a carcass. It was such a quick death that it made me rewind the movie to make sure I saw it right because I couldn’t believe she had been killed so quickly. Such a shame. 

Mia Goth in X.

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And When Maxine Ran Over Pearl’s Head In One Last “Screw You”

Last but not least, this scene was everything during the X ending. When Maxine is able to survive Pearl’s gunshot attempt, she is able to grab the keys and run to the van, all while Pearl is cursing her out. 

Maxine, in one last attempt to say “screw you,” reverses the car and runs directly over the head of Pearl, crushing and killing her instantly, saying that this trip will be their “little secret,” before driving off. Talk about the best way to end a movie, with your final girl killing all her enemies. I loved it - and hated all the gore that came with it, but yay for Maxine, am I right? 

X had a terrifyingly great story that truly made this movie one of a kind, from its ode to slasher movies to its insane storyline and interesting villains, and I for one will not be forgetting it anytime soon. 

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