Barbiecore Might Be In Because Of Margot Robbie, But Actress Stuns In Silky Green Look Next To Husband Tom Ackerly

Margot Robbie as Barbie
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Margot Robbie rocked the world when the first images from the Barbie movie were released, showing off her hot pink car, world, and outfits. And while she has helped bring Barbiecore into the limelight, she’s also out here rocking stellar outfits that aren’t necessarily ones that you’d find a “Barbie girl, in a Barbie world” wearing. Most recently she traded the bright pink we’ve seen in viral photos for a gorgeous silky green gown as she and her husband Tom Ackerley attend an awards ceremony. 

Lots of people brought their A-game at the Governors Awards, but Robbie looked absolutely stunning in her satin green dress. The dress was made by Bottega Veneta, and featured a cut-out in the middle, that is balanced by the one-shouldered top. Check it out:

Margot Robbie and her husband on the red carpet

(Image credit: (Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures))

To compliment the gold piece connecting the top and the bottom of the gown, Robbie also rocked chunky gold earrings and bracelets, her purse even had a touch of gold that was shaped in a similar knot to her dress. So while the green gown was the star of the show, her accessories complimented it all beautifully. 

Other than the dress itself, and the standout gold jewelry, the rest of Robbie’s look was simple and sleek. She let the dress speak for itself, and boy did it. Her straight hair and soft glam were phenomenal choices and helped the gown really pop. 

You’ll also notice Tom Ackerley, Robbie’s husband, in the photo. The two have been married since 2016, and co-founded LuckyChap Entertainment with two other business partners. A story Robbie told about Ackerley recently went viral when she revealed that her hubby was an extra on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. So, not only are the two power producers, they’re also an adorable couple, and seeing them together made me extremely happy. 

LuckyChap is also one of the companies helping create the Barbie movie, and it seems like they will have a real winner on their hands. Not only has it been a big topic of conversation because of its well-known subject matter, the stars of the film have also been raving about it. One of Barbie’s cast members, Simu Liu, praised Greta Gerwig’s script, calling it “the best” he’s “ever read,” and “bonkers” in the best way. Gerwig has also praised Robbie as an actor and a producer, so all the love for everyone involved makes this movie even more exciting.

However, we’ll have to wait until the Summer of 2023, according to the movie schedule to see Robbie go full Barbiecore. Although, that’s OK because in the meantime we’ll have plenty of epic outfits from the actress as awards season ramps up, and she starts promoting Babylon, which falls right at the end of the 2022 movie schedule

Based on Robbie’s amazing costumes in the Babylon trailer alone, and this amazing green gown from the Governor’s Awards, I’m sure more amazing outfits are on the way. Then after that, we’ll get to see lots of fabulous bright pink outfits as she truly enters her Barbie era in the next year. 

Riley Utley
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