Batman And Spider-Man Unite! Robert Pattinson And Andrew Garfield Have A Fancy Reunion After Being Friends In Their Early Acting Days

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man
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Long before Robert Pattinson debuted as an emo-inspired Dark Knight in the positively reviewed The Batman or Andrew Garfield was cast in The Amazing Spider-Man, they were young British actors just trying to nab roles in Hollywood. They would frequently run into each other during auditions and hang out with one another before becoming stars of superhero movies during their otherwise successful careers. At a recent fancy Hollywood event, Pattinson and Garfield reunited, proving their still good pals all this time later. 

The actors were snapped at GQ’s “intimate dinner party” sitting next to each other and conversing over drinks and sourdough bread. Check out the sweet reunion, per Instagram

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The British actors sat together at GQ and Dior’s party and rubbed elbows with Zola’s Taylour Paige, chart-topping and (and former SNL musical guest) Phoebe Bridgers and Euphoria breakout star Angus Cloud among other celebrities. If only I could be a fly on the wall and hear the pair of talents catch up on life now that they both just had the biggest movies in recent months. They were probably looking at each other in disbelief, realizing how far they’ve come, whilst also knowing one another. 

Andrew Garfield used to be roommates with Jamie Dornan, Eddie Redmayne and Charlie Cox back in the day and, as Robert Pattinson has playfully shared recently, he was kind of the “afterthought” or fifth wheel of their group. Dornan expressed that because Pattinson found success earlier than them with Twilight, he wasn’t as a consistent member of their friend group at the time as the roommates, but debunked the notion of Pattinson being a “pity invite” to them. 

The two stars are just two years apart, with The Amazing Spider-Man star (who may or may not do a third Spidey movie) being the older of the pair, and both share similar paths to fame. The actors are both from England, with roots in London, and moved to the states to pursue more work in the industry. 

They both rose through the ranks in the early '00s, with Andrew Garfield receiving acclaim for his 2007 film Boy A before starring in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus alongside Christopher Plummer and Heath Ledger. On the other hand, Robert Pattinson found more high-profile projects early on as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Edward Cullen (a role he nearly lost) in the Twilight series, which would catapult him into heartthrob status at the age of 22. 

And funny enough, Andrew Garfield’s other roommates Charlie Cox, Eddie Redmayne and Jamie Dornan have become major stars as well over the years. Charlie Cox is famously the star of Daredevil and was recently in the same film as Garfield -- Spider-Man: No Way Home. During the film, Cox made a cameo as Matt Murdock, the lawyer to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. Redmayne is an Oscar winner and the star of the Fantastic Beasts films. And Jamie Dornan would go on to star in the Fifty Shade of Grey movies and is currently get praise for his role in one of this year’s Best Picture nominees, Belfast

What a beautiful story these five have. Maybe one day they’ll all find themselves in one massive crossover film? In the meantime, though, I'm more than content with seeing the Batman and Spider-Man actors together in snazzy surroundings.

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